Little Problems Relaunch

When I first started blogging, I was approached by the company Little ProblemsThey were the first company to ever find interest in my blog and I can't thank them enough for giving me such a great opportunity!  Over the past year, Little Problems ran into, well, a little problem of their own.  They had to relaunch their entire website and get everything organized back to the way it was when they first started.

I am now happy to tell you that Little Problems is back againThey relaunched their entire website, added some great new features, and they are even adding some fun new products.  Currently they have the stadium cup, koozie, and sunglasses, and many more to come.  They also have added a few more social media features found here!  

So, go on over and check out Little Problems!  You won't be disappointed!



Five on Friday

Guess what... I only have one more week of school left!  Isn't it crazy?!?  This year went by so fast, I can't believe I am going to be a senior soon (time to start getting this college thing figured out haha!).  Anyway, with the school year winding down and summer on my mind, here are a few links I am loving this week!

1. Vote for Natalie from the PDX Prepster for her design in the Next Bucketfeet Artist contest.  Link here!

2. My GiGi clutch is going to be here on Monday!  I cannot tell you just how excited I am to be getting this clutch.  I have been saving my money up for quite a while!

3. Some helpful tips from Caroline for acing your finals.

4. Loving this frilly green bikini!

5. My new crossbody from Tiny Tulip Monogramming.  I can't wait to feature some stylings with it next week!

What are you loving this week?    


Summer Swimsuit Picks

This summer it is definitely time for me to get a new swimsuit.  I absolutely love the one I have now, but I got it two years ago, and let's just say I wasn't fully developed yet haha.  I have been looking into getting something with a little more support, but something that is still cute.  Luckily there are tons of great support swimsuits that look absolutely adorable.  Here are my favorites!


My personal favorite is the apple green bikini!  It would be such a fun swimsuit for the summer!

Any swimsuit suggestions?  Which is your favorite?


Summer Green

I must say I get so much use out of this dress Frannie from Pockets and Lace sent me!  It is so light, perfect for a dressy casual night, and a great pattern for spring.  I especially love it paired with my Joie nice sandals--review coming soon-- and my new earrings Seth gave me.  The earrings are absolutely perfect and it was such a sweet surprise!  Here is the whole outfit!

dress/sandals c/o

Aren't the earrings just gorgeous?!?  I am definitely going to be sporting them quite often, especially since green is "my color" ;)

What is your go-to dress?

P.S. Use PREP2014 to get 25% off on your next purchase at Pockets and Lace.  They have some fantastic new pieces for summer!



GiGi New York

Over this Memorial Day weekend, I finally splurged and purchased my first GiGi New York All In One Clutch!  I am so excited because I have heard such great things about their company and their clutches, and now I will finally have one of my own.  I can't wait to start styling it when it arrives!  Here are a few style inspirations I have found that I would love to try!


 Do you have a GiGi New York Clutch?  How do you style it?


Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  Although this is a weekend of travel and fun, we should all take a moment to remember what today really is about, honoring all our troops have done for us.  I am so thankful for the protection and service they provide for us each and every day.  We are so lucky to live in a country like ours and we should always be thankful for that.  In honor of Memorial Day I thought I would create a little patriotic Memorial Day look!
What is your Memorial Day look?  Did you do anything fun this weekend?


My Favorite Memorial Day Sales


This year, there are so many great memorial day sales!  Here are a few of my top picks! 

1. GiGi New York: Free shipping, personalization, and a free tassel key chain with orders over $100.

2. L.Mae Boutique: 40% off sitewide!

3. Nordstrom: Half Yearly Sale.

4. ASOS: 20% off everything.

5. J.Crew Factory: 50% off men and women's styles.

6. Gap: 40% off regular priced styles.

What are some of your favorite memorial day sales?



Five on Friday

What a busy and stressful week!  I have had so much going on with school coming to an end, a gala I am attending tonight, and another weekend full of grad parties.  As much as I love being busy, I have definitely been overworking and over-scheduling myself.  Although this has been a pretty rough week, there are a few things that are getting me through--mostly all these great Memorial Day weekend events and spending a lot of time with my friendsHere are my top 5 links from this week!

1. Nordstrom's Half Yearly Sale for WomenI am loving these and this!

2. GiGi New York is also having a great promotionI think I am going to take the plunge and get my first GiGi clutch this weekend!

3. This post from Carly.  It totally describes how I have been feeling over the past couple of weeks.

4. Some college essay advice from yours truly.

5. This dress I ordered from Nordstrom as a possible contender for the Smart Girls Summit.  More to come later!

What are you loving this week?

P.S. Do any of you have any advice for getting out of a blogging funk?  I would love to hear what you have to say!


Spring Scents

I absolutely love perfume!  It is one of my favorite beauty products to purchase by far just because it is so much fun to play around with.  Although I usually stick to my signature scent, Marc Jacobs Dot, there are a few new perfumes I want to try out.  Here are some scents I think would be great for the spring and soon to be summer! 

Spring Scents

For the spring/summer I prefer happy, fun scents and one going out scent.  The Marc Jacobs Dot is my obvious go to for everyday and I just love the way it smells!  For going out I have been wearing Estee Lauder's Modern Muse, which is fantastic.  It has a deep, floral, sultry scent to it and it is perfect for nights out!

I really would love to try the Miss Dior scent and the Tory Burch scent I have pictured above.  I have heard such great things about both and they sound like they would smell wonderful! 

What is your favorite perfume?


What's in My Bag

As many of you know, I recently switched out my well-loved Longchamp for a new Kate Spade satchel!  I absolutely love my new bag.  Despite the fact that it is bright pink, it is so versatile.  I can wear it with almost every outfit I put together and it always looks great!

Another thing to note is how much I can fit into my little satchel...

1. Wallet: I love this Kate Spade wallet.  It fits so much and will last me for a very long time.

2. Hair Brush: I am very obsessive over my hair, so I constantly carry a brush with me.  It is perfect for those surprise dates, photo shoots, and neccessary touch ups throughout the day.

3. Chapstick/Lipstick: Out of all makeup, I love lipstick!  I always pick a color for the outfit I'm wearing, so I switch them out a lot.  Currently I have been loving my pink L'Oreal lipstick.

4. Portable Charger: My little charger from J.Crew Factory has been such a life saver.  Anytime my phone runs down or I need that little bit of extra charge, this portable charger comes in super handy!

5. Toothbrush Kit: That little Victoria's Secret cosmetic bag is actually my toothbrush kitThere isn't much else to say other than I just love having fresh breath.  It just makes me feel clean haha! 

6. Odds and Ends: The rest is just odds and ends.  I have a case of bandages, a business card case, some extra toiletries, a change purse, pens and a highlighter, and, lastly, a journal to jot down any notes from the day. 

What's in your bag? 


Brand Crush: Joie

Ever since I bought my new Joie sandals, I have become more and more obsessed with the Joie brand.  Their pieces are definitely an expense, but they are such great quality and the style is perfect.  The beauty of Joie's style lies in it's simple eleganceNothing is overstated; instead, everything is simple and chic.  Here are a few of my favorite pieces from Joie! 
I must say the hot pink dress and the fun striped romper are definitely pieces I would love to own!  They would be so great for the summer and would be staples in my closet, just like my sandals.
What do you think about Joie? Any personal favorites?


Dress Help Anyone?

Yesterday, my mom and I went to the outlet mall to pick up a few necessities for the Smart Girls Summit--maybe a little preemptively haha--and I got the cutest dress.  The only problem... it is dry clean only.  Since my mom and I don't want to have to dry clean it all the time and there is no way it can be hand washed (curse you acetate!), I need help finding a dress in a similar style!

Do any of you know where to find something like this that is washer machine safe?  Or if you can wash acetate and everything I found online is wrong, please tell me!



What to Wear: Graduation Party

At the end of the school year I always look foreword to graduation parties!  I love finding the perfect gifts, getting to write cards to my friends, and most of all, celebrating that my friends got accepted into their choice colleges.  Today I will be going to two graduation parties and next week I have another couple; thank goodness I prepared gifts and everything ahead of time haha.  Since graduation parties are coming up soon for all of us, I thought I would put together an outfit that is perfect for grad parties!
Grad Party Look


Whenever I dress for graduation parties, I try to go towards the dressier side!  I always love having something to dress up for, so graduation parties are the perfect excuse.  I personally adore this dress I found on ModCloth!  The bright pink is so much fun and perfect for the warm, summery weather I have been having here lately!

What is your favorite grad party look?


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