I cannot believe it is NYE already!  This year, as I have mentioned many times, has flown by for me.  I did a lot this year; I started my blog, went on an amazing summer vacation, and made it to two years with Jason!  I am so blessed to have had such a great year, but with great things comes stress and I have had a lot of that this year too; however, I have learned how to deal with the stress much better and I am so happy about that! I can't wait to see what 2014 brings for me!  Here are a few goals I have for the new year...

1. Save my money more
2. Go on a fun date with Jason 
3. Find ways to be even more creative! 

Also, before I end this post, I have a question... should I buy this eye mask?
  I really like it, but is it worth it?

What are you excited for in 2014? 


NYE Outfits

I love getting dressed up for NYE, even if I just stay home and hang out with my family!  It is just so much fun to go all out and wear fancy party clothes to ring in the new year.  I am especially excited for NYE this year because Jason will be coming over...  I will finally be getting my new year's kiss!  To prepare for NYE, I have a couple possible outfit choices.

Isn't crazy that we are already talking about 2014?  I honestly feel like this year has flown by, but time flies when you are having fun and this year really has been fantastic; I think my blog has been the highlight of 2013 for me.  It has helped me grow so much and it is something I plan to keep going for a long time!

What are you wearing for NYE?


My Favorite Lipsticks

If you know me, then you know I am obsessed with lipstick!  I always end up coming home with a new color when I go out... it is a definite problem; but anyway, I thought that I should share some of my favorite lipsticks with you!  I don't have any really fancy lipsticks yet, but I think there are some great drugstore lipsticks out there too.  My personal favorite drugstore brand is L'oreal, the lipstick I am lusting over is Yves Saint Laurent (possibly using my Sephora gift card on haha)!
As you can see, I tend to like pinky-red shades; they always look the best on me, but I am trying to venture into the plum area too!

What is your favorite lipstick?


Sleeping Chic

Some of my favorite pieces of clothing are sleepwear, its just too bad that not many people get to see them haha!  Sleepwear is perfectly darling and I personally love to "sleep the chic way".  I love colored cotton pjs, fuzzy slippers, and a nice cup of tea when I lay down in bed; I just wish that I could do that more often, but I think I am going to try and make it a priority to have the "self-time" I need before bed.  Here is what I imagine my perfect night to be!

Sleeping Chic
I have decided that I need to purchase the eye mask right away because a) it is too cute to pass up and b) I can't seem to sleep because (even though my room is pitch black) there is too much light!  I also love the fuzzy slippers from Betsey Johnson; they are perfect for a nice, chic night!

What is your perfect way to "sleep chic"?


Two After Christmas Sales

There are two after Christmas sales that I am absolutely loving right now; the Anthropologie sale (even better in store) and the Kate Spade sale!  Each of these two stores are offering an extra %25 off their sale items and there are some items that I am thirsting to get my hands on.  I already bought one of my favorite items from Anthropologie, as I'm sure you may have seen on Instagram yesterday!  Here are a few other favorites that I may have to get!

I can't wait to use my new clutch!  I am thinking that it will be perfect for NYE!

Any after Christmas sales you are loving?

P.S. I am sorry there is no "currently loving" post today; I totally blanked and forgot that I was going to keep those up haha! 


My Christmas Recap

I absolutely love Christmas,however, it is just too bad it goes by so fast; luckily I have memories that will last forever!  This year I had such a great Christmas for multiple reasons:  I got to be with my family, I got some wonderful gifts, some wonderful surprises, and I was invited to be part of Jason's family at their Christmas dinner and gift exchange.  I couldn't ask for a better holiday!  Here are a few pictures I took... I'm sorry there aren't more!
 I love these earrings because I was so surprised when I got them; I didn't expect Jason's parents to get me them at all, but I absolutely love them

How was your Christmas?  Any good presents?


My Christmas Morning

Since this will be my last full length post until after Christmas, I thought I would give you a little peak into my Christmas morning!  To be honest, I still have trouble sleeping on the "night before Christmas".  I just get so excited thinking of getting up on Christmas morning, being with my family, and, of course, opening presents!  This year I may even be going to Jason's grandparents house for a Christmas luncheon; however, before I do that, here is what my Christmas morning will look like!
My Christmas Morning
For Christmas morning, I am always found wearing my Christmas eve pajamas, drinking a cup of hot tea, and shuffling around in my slippers!  I wouldn't have it any other way

What is your Christmas morning like?

P.S. Happy Christmas Eve!


Christmas Eve Dinner Inspiration

The holidays give me so many opportunities to dress my best! One day I love dressing up for is Christmas Eve dinner!  It is always the perfect time to pull out a nice pair of heels, a fancy dress or skirt ensemble, and be with family.  This year I wanted to do something a little more chic for Christmas Eve.  I put together a little inspiration outfit of what I'm thinking for dinner this year

Christmas Eve Dinner

I have been wanting a tulle skirt for a while and these heels; I may just have to invest in both coming up soon! 

What are you wearing for Christmas Eve dinner?


Holiday Party 2013

If you saw my Instagram feed yesterday, you know I was getting ready for a holiday party!  It was really fun and everyone had a great time, especially Gracie, my cat, who was all over my friends last night haha.  I thought I should take some pictures to share on the blog and I wish I took more; but, here are the party pics I took last night!

 Some Christmas ornaments ready to be decorated!
 A pre-makeup shot Jason took of me haha
A couple of my friends (Emmy and Mason) and Jason who came over to help decorate and bake before the guests arrived!
 The party was a blast and it was so great to have all my friends with me for the holidays!  I am so happy I got to throw the annual Christmas party this year!

How did your annual Christmas party go? 



"Uniquely You" Campaign by ModCloth

I was super excited when I opened up my inbox and saw an email with the title "ModCloth + Prep on a Budget" because I love ModCloth so much!  They have such adorable clothes, accessories, shoes, jewelry, and a great selection of price ranges.  So, back to the email; Amy, a stylist for ModCloth, picked me to be a part of their "Uniquely You" campaignEach week during the "Uniquely You" campaign a fashion blogger will create an outfit with a featured item from ModCloth and several other items, also from ModCloth, of their choice.  For my piece I was so lucky because I got the oh so classic and classy "Committee Celebration Dress"!  This dress is the perfect LBD for any occasion and has such a great silhouette.  Here is how I styled the dress!
When I first started creating this outfit I had so many ideas and possibilities because of how classic this dress is.  In the end, I decided to go with a Parisian, New York themed outfit!  I love the hints of leopard and the combination of French and New York styles; it all goes together so well! 
I can't thank Amy and ModCloth enough for inviting me to do this!  It was so much fun
How would you style this dress?


Currently Loving

After reading these on many of my favorite blogs, I thought I should give it a go!  I love finding new things and seeing what all my fellow bloggers have been up to; and I think these posts do just that!  Let me know what you think, so, here it goes :)
1. Cute Christmas wrapping!  You can get the bow stencil and tags at History in High Heels!

2. This Yves St. Laurent lipstick in Opera Rose 

3. This disney mash-up

4. My gallery wall (makes me happy every time I see it!).  Prints available at Preppy Printshop!

5. Essie's "Good as Gold" metallic polish

What do you think of this post?  Any things you are loving lately?


Winter Beauty Essentials by Grace

I would first off, just like to give a huge thank you to Hunter for letting me guest post!! She is one of the sweetest girls and hands down one of my favorite bloggers!!

Now, onto the post!

Grace's Winter Beauty Essentials.

In the winter, I am all about trying to preserve my skin. Nobody wants dry skin from the chilly weather, and the only thing worst than that is... chapped lips. #nobueno

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share with you my THREE essential winter skin care/beauty products.

one :: face lotion/moisturizer.
I think face lotion/moisturizer is probably one of the most important skin care/beauty products for the winter because you don't want your skin to become too dry. I absolutely love Cetaphil because it isn't too heavy but you still can feel it keeping your face moisturized.

two :: lip balm/chapstick.
I am probably one of the laziest girls when it comes to makeup because lip balm/Chapstick is the closest I get in the wintertime. {Side note: I will wear a little bit of mascara and sheer pink lip gloss to holiday parties, but that's it!} I absolutely love Vaseline right before bed because it really seals in the moisture and keeps your lips kissable-y soft, but eos are great for two reasons: 1) they come in a plethora of flavors and 2) since they are a spherical shape, it is easy to find in your purse/backpack!

three :: nail polish.
You will rarely find me without my nails painted. I am just ones of those girls. {#sorrynotsorry}, but this time of the year especially I gravitate towards three different color categories: pale pinks, metallics, and reds. I picked up essie's Beyond Cozy earlier this season, and I cannot wait to wear it for Christmas Eve just because I think it is the epitome of the holiday season in a nail polish! Then, for pale pinks and reds any variation will work because you can never go wrong just because they are essentials in any girl's nail polish collection!

What are your winter beauty essentials?


I would just like to thank Grace for writing this wonderful post!  Make sure you go check out her blog, Preppy on the West Coast :)


Goodies for the Guys

I don't know about you, but it is so hard for me to find the perfect gift for my boyfriend!  Guys are just so hard to buy for, but I have some gifts that are sure to please any guy on your list.  I personally think the best gifts for guys are what we girls think are "everyday essentials", like a wallet, tie, travel mug etc. Over the two years Jason and I have dated I have bought him several things off of this list and he uses them all the time!  So, here are some "goodies for the guys".

What are some of your favorite "goodies for the guys"?



Last Minute Luxuries

Around this time of year, I think we are all feeling the holiday stress.  I know that I am always rushing to get last minute, unexpected gifts for family and friends, so I thought I would create a "last minute luxuries" guide for you! 
Last Minute Luxuries

Some of my favorites in this guide are the LP gift card (load anything and give!), the earrings from J. Crew, and the Marc Jacobs Dot fragrance!  All of these, however, are perfect "last minute luxuries" for any friend, mom, sister, etc.  Stay tuned because I will have a last minute guide for the guys up tomorrow! 

What are some of your favorite "last minute luxuries"? 

P.S. I am linking this post up with Becky from A Girl and Her Sparkles! 
A Girl and Her Sparkles

P.P.S. Does anyone know what is going on with GFC?


Tis' the Season to Wrap

With the downtime I had yesterday, I finally got around to wrapping some of the Christmas presents for my family!  This year I wanted to try out a cute idea I've seen several places; brown wrapping paper with a colorful bow on top (I only did one so far, but I think I may do more!).  I got the bow stencil and tags from Ashley's blog, History in High Heels!

Another way I wrap is by just using the store bag, especially when they are pretty!  It is such a simple, inexpensive, and chic way to wrap gifts.

How do you wrap your presents? 



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