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Hey everyone!  I just wanted to give you all the heads up that I am adding my blog onto bloglovin!  I can't wait to see you all there!

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Yummy Mushrooms

When my dad took my mom and me out for mother's day, I got to try the most amazing mushrooms!  I was craving them for weeks afterward and I finally decided to see if I could imitate the recipe.  It worked!  The mushrooms I made were exactly like the ones from the restaurant.  Since the recipe turned out so well, I figured I would share it with you all 

1.  1 full box of whole Baby Bella Mushrooms 
2. 4-5 tablespoons of Olive Oil 
3. 1 tablespoon of Butter 
4. 1/4 cup of red wine (Merlot is usually the best) 
5. A dash of Salt and Pepper   

1. cut up the mushrooms into slices 
2. heat up a pan on high heat and melt butter into the olive oil 
3. put the mushrooms into the pan and let cook till they are very small like this



4. Once they get small add the wine, dash of salt, and dash of pepper 
5. take off the stove and serve warm

Final Product 
Yummy :) I love these mushrooms with some steak and carrots! It is a great home meal

What is your favorite recipe? 

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Opening Night

Since the camp I have been assistant directing at is only a week long, opening night is finally here!  I can't believe how fast this first week flew by.  I absolutely loved working with all the kids this week.  Even though I had some issues along the way, it all worked out in the end.  All of the kids worked so hard this week, I can't wait to see it pay off!  For opening night I plan on wearing my favorite Lilly, the Sunkissed Janice dress.  I plan on wearing the dress with, of course, with my Jack Rogers.  This is the same outfit I wore last week when Jason and I went on our picnic!  So, if you haven't read that post, here is the outfit again! 

I can't wait to wear my dress again!  This is one of my absolute favorite outfits to wear.  It works for everything because it can be casual or fancy :) Wish me and the kids luck today!

What is your favorite outfit to wear? 

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Splurge Saturday

Even though I try to find cute, preppy clothing for a low price, sometimes there are the things I just want to splurge on!  Most of my splurge wants are from Kate Spade.  The bag designs are just so cute and I could buy like four full priced bags if I had the money!  Plus, all of Kate Spade's bags are made so well!  I absolutely love the tote I just bought there.  It is made of canvas and has been great so far.  I have been using it as an every day bag because it carries my load of stuff I always find necessary to have on me (what girl doesn't have this problem!)My recent splurge items that I would love to buy are also from Kate Spade!

All of these items are super cute! I especially love the Bourbon Street Jennie bag.  The color combination is so cute and modern.  Actually, the whole Bourbon Street collection from Kate Spade is adorable! 

What are your Saturday splurge wants? 

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Princess Day at the Theater

While I was interning today, I came up with a great; dress up friday! I decided the general theme would be princess since I have all girls for this camp.  They were so excited when I suggested the idea.  I can't wait to see what they dressed up as!  How cute right :) Since I am the assistant director, I figured it would be fitting that I dress up too!  I didn't have a crown, so I am going to borrow one from the prop room of the theater!  Here is what I plan on wearing today... 

I chose the Maxi dress because it was like a princess gown, but more adult so I didn't look too weird haha! Oh and as a side note, I talked to the owner of the company and I may be offered a full directing position next summer! go me :) 

Who is your favorite princess? 

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Lovely Nordstrom Bangles

While doing my daily online shopping routine, I found some really great bangles at Nordstrom! They are all on sale, come in tons of colors, and are perfect for the summer.  I love bangles because they are very versatile and they are a great way to add a little charm to any outfit! Here are some of the bangles I chose to feature in my post!


I absolutely love all of the bright colors they come in! Perfect for summer:) Which is your favorite? 

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Internship Explanation

I didn't really realize this until now, but I never fully explained what I am specifically doing in my internship.  So I will start by saying that I am assistant directing.  I was invovled in a small theater group years ago and I decided I wanted to do more with them.  I have had previous experience with directing before so I called and asked if they needed help, and they said sure! I was so excited to begin my internship!  I am working with younger kids, which is really fun, but sometimes can be really challenging (they are, after all, 3-9 year olds).  They are all wonderful kids though, and I am really glad I can make an impact on their lives.  It is so nice to know that every day I am teaching them something new or helping them discover something they love.  So many of them have really discovered a passion for theater, which just makes me so happy! I absolutely love the theater, as that is where I started.  My love for theater has opened so many doors for me and I hope it will do the same for all the kids I am teaching! So, that is the gist of my summer internship :)

 "For me, there is nothing more valuable than how people feel in a movie theater about a movie."
-Will Smith 
What do you love about theater? 

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So Far, So Good

The directing internship is going great! Even though I have had my ups and downs these past couple days, I am loving what I am doing.  I have gotten to do a lot for the place I am working at and they say I'm doing a pretty good job :) I am so glad that I chose to take this internship.  It is amazing!  I love the people I work with, the things I do, and the self accomplishment I have gained from this experience so far.  Oh and yesterday one of my co-workers bought me iced coffee to welcome me in the morning.  How sweet! Besides the internship faring well, I have been doing great too.  I thought I would be exhausted and crazy from my hectic schedule, but I have been able to balance everything pretty well.  So far, so good!

What do you love to do? 

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Yay Kate Spade!

Well I didn't end up buying the Small Coal Tote from Kate Spade :( In the end I was actually more worried about the handle length being a problem than the width! I couldn't decide if the handles would be a good length to go over the shoulder.  Even though the site says over the shoulder, none of the models I looked for depicted it that way.  The bag was also final sale, so if I didn't like it I wouldn't have been able to return it. However, before I made the choice I went in search of the small coal (no luck) and I found the Bon Shopper! It was not at all what I would have picked for myself, but it was perfect! I just received it in the mail yesterday.  Here it is! 

It fits everything I need! Plus it was on sale (25% extra off all sale at Kate Spade), so I got it for a great price! I can't wait to start using it everyday! What is your favorite tote? 

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4th of July with J. Crew Factory

So for my 4th of July fashion I chose to search through the J. Crew Factory store! They have tons of red, white, and blue patterns that are just perfect for the 4th.  I also love the prices :) For the 4th I wanted to create an outfit that was simple, cute, and comfortable since it has been so hot lately.  I thought a tank top or dressy tank, some shorts, and flip flops would be best!  I hope you all like it

J. Crew Tank Tops 1/2 

Oh and all of these wonderful pieces are on sale right now! Yay! What are you wearing for the 4th

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Re-fresh and Get Ready Sunday

Today is going to be such a fun day! I am going to wash my poor car (it hasn't been cleaned in forever... yikes!).  I can't wait to have a clean car again!  The floors are terribly dirty from my muddy Hunter boots, fresh cut grass, etc. The outside also isn't fairing well; but today I am going to change that! I am going to wash the car inside and out until it is squeaky clean.  Besides cleaning my car I am getting fully prepared to start my internship on Monday.  Yesterday I posted about what I would be taking with me in my bag, so today I need to plan my first day outfit.  It is really hot out, almost 92 today, so here is what I am thinking!

I am bringing the sweater just in case, but I don't think I will really need it.  What do you all think? 

Keep Prepping!   


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