On Dating

Once you get out of high school, I feel like dating becomes extremely difficult.  You aren't with the same group of people you were stuck with for years, and you most likely don't know tons of people when you first arrive at college... that is exactly where I was when I came to college in September; freshly broken up with, maybe looking for something, but the means of finding a connection, well, seemingly impossible.

I have gone on several dates and, honestly, finding someone in the city is just as hard as everyone believes it to be, especially when you are almost a 20 something (yikes, I can't even believe I said that!).  The difficult part, no one knows what they want.  Zero men I have talked to within the past few months have any clue where their life is going-- not that I expect them to, but it would be nice to at least understand what they want out of a relationship. 

So, I have decided to go on a mission to figure out the men of New York City.  But, for the time being, I will always believe in this saying...



So, I'm Obsessed with These Jimmy Choos

After scrolling through Instagram this Sunday, I fell in love with this pair of Jimmy Choos...

 I am kind of obsessed with pom poms currently and I can't help but drool over this perfectly pommed heel.  Like seriously, I would probably justify wearing these with every outfit haha, but until I run into a means of making mad money, I will just have to wait... unless someone wants to buy them for me (just kidding of course haha).

Is there a shoe you are obsessed with this winter?



On Life in the City

To be completely honest, I could not imagine myself anywhere else in the world.  I love New York and I am so blessed to be spending my days and nights in one of the best cities in the world.  Seriously, I have never felt more at home and more on track with my life.  That said, here is a little glimpse of what life is like in the city-- the good and the bad. 

The Good:
1. There are an endless amount of things to do and places to see.
2. Lots of good places to find sweets (my personal favorite, Eleni's in Chelsea Market).
3. Parks galore and amazing photo opportunities that go along with them.
4. Easy access to almost anything-- thanks Subway!
5. Friends who you can always count on (now this is mostly because of college, but it is actually very easy to find people to connect with in NYC).
 6. Opportunity out the wazoo.
7. Theater, theater, and a little more theater.
8. The BEST brunch places in the world (San Marzano, Maison Kayser, etc.)
9. Productivity.

The Bad:
1. At times the city can be a little scary.
2. There are crazy people (so far, I have been alright though).
3. Not enough time in the day.
4. The city can be overwhelming.
5. Money (it is expensive to live and go to school in NYC).
6.  Trying to balance school and fun can sometimes seem impossible.

In my opinion, the pros greatly outweigh the cons-- except money, but I figure I will just work that out later and enjoy the now while I can.  Honestly though, if you have the chance to live in NYC, whether it is for school, an internship, etc. please take it.  You will not regret it one bit.

Is anyone else living in the city?  What do you like/dislike about NYC?


A New Obsession: The Pant Suit

Living in NYC, I see a lot of fashion statements, but one I have become completely obsessed with lately is the pantsuit.  It is sexy, professional, and makes such a statement.  I especially love the bright colored suits and the sleek black suits as well.  Here are a few affordable pant suits that are absolutely perfect!


 Forever 21



Are you a fan of the pantsuit trend?


Good Reads for Your Winter Travels

One thing New York has given me is the chance to get back into reading again.  I don't know why, but I have found so much more time to sit down and read, and I enjoy it so much more; probably because my days are so crazy that it is great when I can take time to just relax with a book.

With all the traveling going on for the holidays, I have had even more time to read and I LOVE it!  Since I know a lot of you will be traveling over the holiday break, I figured I would compile a list for all you book lovers out there!

1. The Devil Wears Prada series: This series, by Lauren Weisberger, is one of my absolute favorites.  It is witty, stylish, and super entertaining-- a great way to spend the plane or train ride!

2. Little Princes: I read this book in high school and it is so inspiring.  This is definitely a good book to get you in the holiday spirit.

3. Enchantment: The Life of Audrey Hepburn: I have been reading this biography on and off for the past few months, and I am loving itIf you love biographies or love Audrey Hepburn, this is a good book for you.  Audrey's life is super fascinating and she is such an inspiration

4. Vogue: I love Vogue and the December issue is quite fantastic.  The expose on Jennifer Lawrence is wonderful-- she is definitely an actress I look up to and hope I can be like one day!

What are your favorite reads for the holiday season? 


Styling That Suede Mini into Winter

So, I finally caved, and, despite my grudge against the 70s trend, I bought a faux suede mini.  It is one of the best skirts I have ever owned and I can't believe how much use I get out of it.  Like seriously, I wear it once or twice a week.  That said, as it is getting colder in the city, I am starting to dress on the warmer side; however, that doesn't mean I am going to be giving up that mini.  Here are a few ways to wear your mini into winter.

faux suede mini (c/o but other option here)/plaid blanket cape/a cropped sweater/black tights/black booties

faux suede mini (c/o but other option here)/pom pom beanie/graphic sweatshirt/over the knee boots

 faux suede mini (c/o but other option here)/pearl earrings/fitted work shirt/blazer/black heels

 I am personally a huge fan of the first and last look!  They are great ways to add more layers to the mini, while still keeping it fashionable!

How are you styling your mini?


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