Just a Reminder!

Also, just a quick reminder that today is the last day to enter the "Upper East Side" Print collection giveaway :) 

Good Luck! 

Some New Shoes

To my surprise my mom wanted to take me out to shop yesterday!  We had so much fun and I got a wonderful pair of shoes.  They aren't normally something I would choose for myself, but I loved them the second I tried them on!

I can't wait to style these for you!

What do you think about these heels?  Any style ideas? 


Black Friday!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving; I know I did thanks to my wonderful family, friends, and of course all of my readers!  Now that the Thanksgiving festivities are over its time for... Black Friday!  Even though I am not braving the sales in person, there are some great deals online that I just had to share with you


1. Kate Spade: Up to %75 off!
2. J.Crew Factory: %50 off everything + free shipping when you spend $50 (holiday50)
3. Lilly Pulitzer: GWP! 
4. C. Wonder: %30 off three or more (gifts30)
5. Fraternity Collection: %30 off storwide
6. Design Darling: %20 off everything (thanks) 
7. Banana Republic: %40 off your purchase (brblack) 

What are some of your favorite sales?


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I am so grateful to have all of you wonderful readers :) 


Finally... Thanksgiving Break!

I am happy to say that I am finally off for Thanksgiving break!  It is so nice to be out of school, if only for a few days.  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because I get to eat great food, be lazy, and just have fun; however I feel like we often loose what is really important about Thanksgiving, like being with family and giving thanks for all the things (material and not material) that we are able to have in our lives.  I am so thankful for the wonderful life I have been allowed to have.  My parents and family love me dearly, I get many things I want, I get to eat everyday, relax on the weekends, have friends who care about me, and most of all I get to have a healthy life.  So I would just like to give an early thanks for all of those things and an endless amount more!

I thought I would leave you with this quote today!

 Well said Tecumseh! 

What do you give thanks for? 

P.S.  My friends Cohen and Seth would also like to say hi haha.  They are just two out of the many friends I am thankful to have :) 


Thanksgiving Day Wear

Thanksgiving is one of my absolute favorite holidays!  I get to be with my family, stay warm and cozy, and I get to eat haha; what more could anyone ask for?  A while back one of my readers asked me if I could create a Thanksgiving day outfit, so I am finally getting to it!  I would have done this earlier, but I thought it would be more fitting to write this post closer to Thanksgiving.  Here is my choice in Thanksgiving day attire. 

Thanksgiving Day Wear
I just love this sweater from J. Crew Factory and these shoes!

What do you like to wear for Thanksgiving?


Prep on a Budget Upper East Side Print Collection

Sorry there was no post yesterday, but I was getting ready for Prep on a Budget's first giveaway! If you read Friday's post, you know Ashley, from History in High Heels, and I have been working on a print collaboration.  Ashley is not only an amazing blogger, but is also an amazing print designer, with her own Etsy store, Preppy Printshop!  

A few weeks ago I contacted Ashley and asked if she would be interested in collaborating, and she said yes!  I was so excited to start the collection and we immediately sent inspiration back and forth until we came up with the final details.  I gave her my two favorite quotes and a few image ideas, and she took the design from there!  Ashley thought, since I love NYC and always blog about it, that the collection should be called "Upper East Side".  I fell in love with the name and all the wonderful prints, which I will soon have hanging above my desk!

 You can enter the giveaway by using the Rafflecopter widget below!
      a Rafflecopter giveaway
Once again, thanks to Ashley for doing this wonderful collaboration with me!  You definitely need to check out her shop on Etsy... you will want everything haha!



Now that I am finally over my cold, I have so many things to tell you about this week!  First of all, this has been a wonderful week, well, excluding the sick day I took.  There are so many great things going on right now!  Of course with great things, comes stress, but I have been managing pretty well with the help of Jason and all of my friends.  So, here is my week in list form! 

1. I have a couple of great collaborations that I am working on!  If you have been reading Ashley's blog History in High Heels, then you know we are currently working on a print collaboration.  I cannot wait for the final reveal

Here is one of Ashley's new print sets that I love!

I am also working on a collaboration with Grace from Preppy on the West Coast that will be up in mid- December that is going to be fabulous!  More details later :)
2. One of my best friends brought me my favorite Starbucks drink on Wednesday when I came back into school from being sick.  Let me just say it was the sweetest thing ever and absolutely made my day!

3. It is almost time for Thanksgiving break! 

4. School is going great for me!  I have never been more happy with my grades and I think this year is going to go really well for me... hopefully!

5. If you take a look at that followers section on my blog you might have noticed that... I have 100 GFC followers!  I am super excited about this because I never thought my blog would even be remotely popular!  Thank you so much for all the support you have given me and my blog!  I love my readers so much :) 

How has your week been?


Thursday Trends: Winter White

I am so happy that I am able to wear my whites in the winter this year!  I think this is an absolutely stunning trend, mostly because of the way it can be incorporated.  With this trend you can go big or small.  I personally like a "medium" use of this trend where I have white as one main piece, as well as mixed in throughout.  Here is a little outfit I came up with for the trend

Winter Whites
I absolutely have been loving heels lately!  They make me feel so classy! 
How do you wear your winter whites?


Wishlist Wednesday

With my birthday and Christmas coming up soon, I have started compiling my wishlist!  For some reason, I love making lists.  I think it is because A) I am totally OCD and B) because I just like imagining getting the items I want.  This year I am finding that I want a lot of random items.  Normally, I would ask for gift cards and a few essential clothing items, but a lot of what I want this year is trend items.  I am really into the whole faux fur look, so I think there may be a couple of items from that trend.  Another item I am in love with is the bean boot!  They are so cute and actually really stylish.  Besides that, there are a few other items as well.  You can check out the start of my list below! 
Wishlist Wednesday 11/16/13
What is on your Christmas wishlist


Simple Gifts Under $25

I don't know about you, but I am always gift shopping around this time of year.  All of my friends birthdays are in the winter, along with my birthday, and Christmas!  Now that we are older, we never ask for gifts from each other on birthdays, but I always like to get a little something.  My friends and I usually try to stay within the $25 range when we get presents for each other, so I thought I would share some of my favorite $25 and under gifts with you! 
Simple Gifts under $25
Whenever I buy gifts, I always keep simple; something I know anyone would get good use out of!  I am really loving the gold initial mug from Anthropologie right now; it will definitely be going to some of my friends, as well as going on my birthday/Christmas list.

What are some of your favorite gifts under $25?


Weekend Update

Busy, crazy, stressful, and fun; that is the story of my weekend and the past couple of weeks.  I have been doing so much lately that I actually am running on no energy.  This is good because I have had so much fun, but bad because I am so exhausted and I am now sick.  So that is how I got to where I am now, giving you my weekend overview.  Other than being sick (mostly Sunday, but partially Saturday too), my weekend was great!

Friday night started off my weekend wonderfully!  A couple of friends and I went to Starbucks to drink coffee and catch up on our lives, even though we have been apart for only a week haha.  Needless to say it was just great to sit and talk with everyone!  After Starbucks one of my friends came over and we stayed up and talked; so much that my throat was sore on Saturday! 

 On Saturday, as most of you know, I took a practice ACT.  It went okay, but I think I will do much better when I am more focused and not sick.  After that I went home and relaxed until I went to my friends party!  It was so much fun and I wish it would have lasted all night!  Then, on Sunday, I slept in, worked on a project, did homework, watched some Youtube videos, and took a late night trip to the mall! 

These were a few essential Gap purchases I made this weekend :)

Gap Purchases

Lastly, here is one of the Youtube videos I watched this weekend!  I love the Talking Animal videos; too funny!

What did you do this weekend?



Fair Isle

Okay, I am loving this sweater from Vineyard Vines right now!  Fair Isle is such a wonderful sweater style for the winter.  It is so warm, bright, and totally indicative of the season.  This sweater from Vineyard Vines hits the mark perfectly :) 

What do you think about this fair isle sweater?


Warm and Cozy

One of the best things about winter time is the warm and cozy clothing and feelings of the season.  I love getting to sit by the fire, drink chai tea lattes (actually everyday though), wear warm, comfy clothing, and just be with friends!  I know I said fall was my favorite season, but I am really falling in love with winter this year.  There are just so many great things going on this winter that are making it literally the best!  To celebrate this great season, I thought I would share some of my favorite warm and cozy things with you
Warm and Cozy

Okay, I am actually obsessed with those fox socks; I saw them at Gap a couple days ago and I am really sad that I didn't buy them because they are so soft... I think I may be going back to the mall soon haha!

What are some of your favorite warm and cozy things?

P.S. Wish me luck on my practice ACT today! 


Question and Answer with Majda!

Blog Header
Over the past few months I have been helping the wonderful Majda who blogs over at Classy State of Mind.  She is such a great writer and has an amazing sense of style, as well as an amazing personality!  When she asked me if I wanted to collaborate with her I couldn't pass up the offer!

For this collaboration, Majda and I came up with some Q and A for each other!  You can check out my answers on her blog! 

Heels or Flats?
More than anything, I prefer to be barefoot!  When I'm running around, flats and when I'm feeling a little down or going out I wear my highest heels. 

Quirkiest Habit
I love pretending to take selfies in public.  I mean the crazy peace sign, duck face fiasco going on.  It's always so interesting to see how people respond or react to crazies in real life.  I'm not joking

One Person You Want to Meet- Alive or Dead
From reading autobiographies, Audrey Hepburn has always struck me as an admirable woman. She maintains a honest, proud, positive attitude in any situation
Book You are Reading
The book I’m currently reading is my psychology textbook (Psychology Core Concepts: 7th Edition). Currently, juggling honors college classes and other time-consuming hobbies is a pain. I love reading the New York Times and blogs in my free time!

Favorite Movie
The Royal Tenenbaums by Wes Anderson is a work of art. I never tire of the simple, classic style of his films and Wes Anderson's pristine, symmetric shots. 

Favorite Beauty Product
Mascara is the first beauty product I started using in middle school, and while I may not wear it everyday like I used to (thank god!), it's still my go-to for makeup. I also love Benefit's golden bronze highlighter. It looks natural and gives a nice glow to leave me smiling a little brighter!

Best Piece of Advice
"There comes a time in your life when you focus solely on what you believe is right, regardless of what everybody else is doing." Alexander McQueen said it all with this quote. No matter what, stay true and proud to you and your beliefs.

What is your favorite book you have ever read?
There are those books you read and move on and then there are those books you feel and love and grow with. This summer I had the time to finally devour Grace: A Memoir. The memoir was fashion-related but also brought so many more aspects into the content. I was happy to learn more about myself and who I aim to be while reading. 

Why did you start blogging?
I've always had this urge to read, write, create and explore. I grew up learning new languages (I lived in 3 different countries before I turned six) and reading became my method of escape. In addition, I spent years exploring myself through my years creating art, meeting new people, and finding myself through style and communication. I think starting a blog just seemed right at this point in my life. There's so much to experience and share in every form of life and I can't help but feel I was destined to read, write, create and explore with others.

Favorite TV Show
I remember watching the pilot episode of Gossip Girl in sixth grade. I think it really hit me then-I love fashion and I yearn to live in the “Big Apple.” That same year, I signed up to get newsletters from NYU and became devoted watcher of what I continue to call: the best show on Earth. I swear to this day, the show changed with me.   

I would just like to thank Majda for doing this collaboration with me; You definitely need to check out her blog because it is absolutely wonderful!  Love you Majda :) 


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