Dress Help Anyone?

Yesterday, my mom and I went to the outlet mall to pick up a few necessities for the Smart Girls Summit--maybe a little preemptively haha--and I got the cutest dress.  The only problem... it is dry clean only.  Since my mom and I don't want to have to dry clean it all the time and there is no way it can be hand washed (curse you acetate!), I need help finding a dress in a similar style!

Do any of you know where to find something like this that is washer machine safe?  Or if you can wash acetate and everything I found online is wrong, please tell me!



  1. You might wanna try looking at Charlotte Russe. they have a lot of cute dresses, and they always have a sell going on!


  2. That dress is absolutely stunning, and unfortunately I don't know any dresses like that, but you could try forever 21 they have many beautiful floral dresses.


  3. I have a dress from J Crew factory that is dry clean only as well. The thing is, I don't dry clean it after every wear (that would be so annoying). Instead I wipe it down with a dryer sheet and then leave it outside for a few hours to keep it from getting musty. Obviously if you're outside in the heat sweating in it then it should get dry cleaned but otherwise you can probably get multiple wears out of it.

  4. Try Lulu's! I just looked briefly on their website and they have a lot of reasonably priced floral shift dresses! Hope this helps!

  5. I have a few dry clean only dress and I get multiple wears (at least 5) before I get them dry cleaned. But if you are looking for a dress that isn't dry clean only Anthropologie always has cute dresses and Forever21 and Charlotte Russe usually have a lot of dresses with a floral print on them. Good luck with dress shopping!




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