Labor Day Style

I am so excited because Labor Day weekend is here!  I am so happy that I have a three day weekend to catch up on sleep, friends, and homework.  As many of you know, there is a fashion rule known as, "no white after Labor Day".  So this weekend, is usually my last time to wear those white shorts and jeans before the fall/winter season hits; however I still wear white in those seasons, but just not right after Labor Day.  One thing I love about Labor Day weekend is the transition to fall.  Fall is my absolute favorite season.  I just love my sweaters, jeans, boots, flats, hot drinks, caramel apples... the list just goes on and on.  Since this weekend, for some of you, may be the last time you wear white until spring, I thought I would create a group of labor day outfits!

I linked the image above to my Polyvore page for the links!  I really like the dress and the boots :)

How do you all feel about wearing white after Labor Day?  Any exciting Labor Day plans? 

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My New Design from Becky Kinkead

Hey everyone, if you all haven't noticed, Prep on a Budget has changed.  I am so excited to have this wonderful new design on my blog and I want to tell you all a little more about it and the designer behind it!  

First of all, I must say I was getting a little tired of my old blog look.  Even though I have only been blogging for about 3 months now, I just wanted something fresh and bright.  For this new design I decided to work with Becky Kinkead, an up and coming blog designer.  I gave Becky all of my specifics, such as the gingham print, the pink and green scheme, and all the add-ons I needed (about me pic, social media icons, favicon, blog button, etc.), and she worked her graphic design magic to create what is now Prep on a Budget! (P.S. she also recommended the domain name change too!)

After I received all of the items from Becky she also helped me install it myself.  She was so helpful with everything and I just love the new design!  I am really glad I chose to self install; even though it can be hard, I feel like I have more knowledge on what is behind my blog.

I am so happy I chose to have my blog re-designed by Becky.  I think that my blog is now more unique and tailored to me :)  If you all need any re-design, add-ons, etc.  you should definitely contact her.  You can visit her site or Facebook.  I have them linked below! 


What do you all think about the new design? 

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Some Added School Supplies

Hey everyone, as you may have noticed my site has been re-designed, but more on that later.  Today I want to tell you all about some newly discovered school supplies that I just love!  I know I already posted about my school supplies that I find necessary, but I have definitely found some great supplies to add to that list! 

The first item I have added is this lovely flash drive.  I think it is so cute and I can save all of my extra school files on it! 

 This next item is a pack of Paper Mate Flair pens.  I like these because they are like a pen, marker combo.  They write so smoothly

 I found this at Walmart for like $4.00!  I really like the idea of the vertical accordion folder and it's pink :)

 Lastly, I just adore the monogrammed Lilly covers from Jessica Marie Design!  These are such a nice way to personalize school supplies; plus they are free

What school supplies are you all loving

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Just a Little Update

Hey Everyone!  I just wanted to let you know that I am working on editing my blog right now, so don't be surprised if there are any errors/changes to the look!

Please tell me what you all think :)

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J. Crew Factory Endless Summer Sale

 When I got home from school today, I thought I would check out the J. Crew Factory site to see of there was a good saleAs usual, they have a wonderful sale going on!  The sale going on right now is called the Endless Summer SaleThe entire store is %40-%50 off!  Even though I don't need tons of new clothes right now, there are some pieces that I am just loving from the store.  I really love the fall looks at J. Crew and and J. Crew Factory; they are just so chic and preppy :)  Here are some of my favorite items from this sale! 

I just adore the peter pan collared shirt; and the back up charger is such a great deal right now!

What are you all loving from J. Crew Factory? 

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First Day Impressions

Since I had my first day of school yesterday, I figured I would show you all a couple of good first day outfits.  The first day of school, for me, honestly sets the whole tone for my year.  Because of this I always like to have a cute outfit for the first day of schoolI think having a nice put together look for the first day also gives a good impression.  Your friends already know you, but your teachers don't; that is why it is important to dress the part and look put together.  Here are some outfits that fit this just perfect and are bound to leave a good impression

I linked the picture above to my polyvore set, so you all can access all the items.  The first outfit is very similar to what I wore yesterday.  I wore a yellow pinstripe version of the top and khaki chino shorts with my platinum Jack Rogers!  

How do you all dress to impress? 

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My Daily Routine

It is here; my first day of my junior year in High School!  I honestly can't believe I am already a junior.  It feels like freshman and sophomore year just flew right by!  To get ready for the school year and to introduce you all to my junior year, I thought I would create a post about my daily morning routine.  I honestly don't have tons of time in the morning to get ready, as school starts pretty early for me, so I have to keep my routine rather basic.

1. In the mornings I always like to wake up and stretch a little.  It honestly helps me get moving and helps get me out of that sleepy mode!  Props to Olivia from Prep Essentials for giving me this advice!

2.  I can't stand coming home to a messy bed.  It makes me feel so gross and unorganized, so I always make my bed in the morning.  After I make my bed, I pack my backpack.  I usually don't need to do this much, as I generally pack the night before, but sometimes I need to put away the occasional loose paper or signed form. 

3. For breakfast I always opt for something yummy, but easy.  Muffins are great or even some yogurt with fruit.  Just something good to kick off my day puts me in a great mood.  While eating, I often pack my lunch.  For my lunch I bring either a sandwich or yogurt, some fruits/veggies, a treat, and water.  

4. After I have eaten and packed my lunch I get dressed.  To solve the issue of taking time to look for an outfit in the morning, I plan my outfit the day before.  I always check the weather, as well so I can coordinate what I wearOnce I am dressed I brush my teeth, wash my face, and do my make up.  You can check out my make up routine here!

5. The last thing I do before I leave is make a cup of tea.  I go for tea instead of coffee because coffee always makes me feel sick to my stomach, plus tea doesn't give me "coffee breath" for school! 

What do you all do for your daily routine? 

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My Desk

My desk... hmm where to start!  I have had my desk since I was like 5 years old.  It has been painted multiple times, has writing all in the drawers, and really needs a makeover.  After searching through Pinterest, I have decided I really want to give my desk a fresh face.  I think I am going to keep it black, as it is such a classic color, but I want to liven it up with some cute new accessories!  After searching around I think I found some items I might be purchasing in the near future.  

I really love the Lucite trend.  It is so chic :)

How have you all organized your desks? 

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My Last Weekend/School Year Goals

Well, this is my last weekend before school starts.  Going back to school is so bittersweet for me.  I am sad because I will miss all of the wonderful things I did this summer, but I am also excited because I feel like this year is going to be really good.  Since this is my last weekend before school, I thought I would share my goals for this school year.  Every school year and summer I try to make a set of simple goals, so I keep myself motivated to work hard.  I just love doing this because checking off another goal is a really great pick me up and it makes me feel accomplished.  So here is my list of goals for Junior year! 

I know these are all pretty basic, but they definitely help me get through the school year! 

What do you all think?  Do you all have any goals for this school year?

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Friday Favorites

Since I am going back to school soon and my favorite season is coming up, I figured I would create another Friday Favorites post.  I honestly am so excited for back to school.  I have a really good feeling about this year and I can't wait to get started.  I also can't wait for fall!  I really want to start wearing some warmer clothes and get use out of my new jeans (upcoming post on those soon).  So, here are my Friday Favorites :)

1. The Charley Sweater: As you all have noticed,  I have been mentioning this sweater a lot.  That is just because I love it that much!  It is so comfy, warm, and adorable.  I can't wait to wear it once it starts getting colder here! 

2. Carrie from Sex and the City: One thing you all may not know about me is that I love Sex and the City.  This show is my favorite, I literally can watch hours of it if I let myself.  My favorite character in the show is Charlotte because she reminds me a lot of myself, but lately I have been channeling my inner Carrie.  I just love the way her character is written and the style of writing they gave her in the show.  

3.Lilly Tumbler: Another item on my favorites list is this Lilly tumbler.  Since I bought the tumbler I have used it every day.  I drink about 4 full glasses from the tumbler, which is 80 oz.  I am so happy that I am drinking more water now.  I honestly feel so much more energized now that I am :)

4. Pearl Earrings: One thing a preppy girl can never have enough of is pearls.  I just bought a pack of pearl earrings from Forever 21 that I love.  Even though they are fake, I really like them.  The pack comes with white, pink, brown, and grey! 

5. Nude Nail Polish: The last item on my favorites list is nude nail polish.  I thought this color from Essie was really pretty and I want to look into purchasing it.  I just love nude nail polish because it goes with everything, is simple, and totally chic.  I think nude nail polish is really making a come back this fall! 

What are you all loving this Friday? 

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3 Ways to Wear: Charley Sweater

As most of you know, I recently purchased a sweater from J. Crew Factory.  The model of the sweater is called Charley and I am now obsessed!  I just love the feel, fit, and look of this sweater.  It will definitely be an essential item in my wardrobe for years to come.  I really want to buy another Charley in a simple color like navy or hunter green that would pair with even more.  Since I find the sweater so essential, I figured I would create three ways to wear the sweater!
I can't wait to wear all of these looks :)

How do you all style the Charley? 

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Hey everyone!  Just a quick update... I bought my own URL.  The new URL is 

If you are having troubles getting to the site don't worry!  I am still trouble shooting some things so an error page may come up.  If you refresh the page it will go straight to the site :)

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Back to School Shopping

Yesterday, my mom and I went shopping at our local outlet mall for back to school items.  Finding clothing was very easy, but finding some cute shoes was crazy!  First of all, there are very few outlets that carried the kind of shoes I was looking for.  I was looking for a nice shoe that was simple, cute, and leather.  Besides that issue, I realized there are generally not many shoe outlets at my outlet mall.  Despite all of this trouble I was able to find some great ballet flats from the Ralph Lauren outlet for only $45 dollars!  They are a very simple brown color with a cute logo in front:)

Other than these cute shoes, I got some other great pieces!  Here is a picture :)

It's kind of hard to see, but I got a Ralph Lauren button down, J. Crew Factory sweater, and purple scarf also.  I am so happy that I bought the sweater I have had my eyes on this season!  You can find it online here!

Have you all found any great back to school pieces? 

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My Sweater Obsession

During the fall season, I just love to check out all the new sweaters from my favorite brands.  This season I have been finding some great sweaters that I really want to look into buying!  I think that sweaters are definitely one of my go to pieces in the fall because they are so simple, classic, and adorable.  I especially love pairing them with jeans or yoga pants and my Hunter boots.  Here are some of my favorite sweaters this fall :)

I especially love the blue and navy dot sweater and the basic cotton sweater.  Both of them are so cute and versatile!
What sweaters are you all loving this fall?  Any specific brands?

Keep Prepping!


It's Finally Here :)

The day has come; Lilly is officially having their endless summer sale at 8:00 AMish this morning!  I can't waitI have my alarm set for 7:00, a list of my favorite items, and my account pre-set on Lilly's website :)  If you all need any extra sale prep tips you can check out my post on how to prep here!

Good luckI hope you all pick up some great sale pieces; I know I will :)

Keep Prepping 


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