I Am Back... Finally

After taking quite a bit of time off, I am coming back to blogging.  I was dealing with a lot of personal issues in my life and realized I needed some time to process everything that was going on before I could write a GOOD post on this blog again.  Luckily, I am feeling so much better and have so much peace of mind. 

For those of you who don't know, I went through a really rough breakup right at the beginning of the school year and it took quite a toll on me.  I wasn't sleeping.  I was hardly eating.  I got into quite a funk, but, thanks to my wonderful group of friends, I was able to pull myself out. 

 There is so much more to this world than being upset over something I, quite frankly, couldn't control.  I understand now that only I can control my happiness (this is much easier said than done, but it's true) and I can't rely on other people to give that to me; and, my happiness lies in my acting.  Yes, that's right, my acting.  

During all my confusion, I thought maybe I shouldn't be acting.  Instead, maybe I should be a costume designer, or I should be managing a theater company, or I should be doing something behind the scenes; however, it was just me doubting myself because, if I couldn't be good enough for a guy how could I be good enough to do what I love?  It sounds stupid, but it is really what went through my head when all of this was going on. 

Granted, I definitely love designing and think I will keep doing it on the side, but acting is my one true love and passion.  I'm not giving that up.  Not for anyone.

So, here is to a new start as I come back into the blogging world again!


The November Style Edit: Colder Weather

I cannot believe it is November already-- it seems the months just fly by here in the city. That said, it is finally getting colder here and I have loved breaking out the cold weather accessories.

This winter(ish), I have noticed a lot of vintage inspired cold weather accessories as well as pops of neon, which I am in love with.  Anthropologie, of course, is nailing it on the head and I can't help but lust over all the great hats, scarves, and mittens.  Here are some pieces to inspire you this November! 

neon puff hat/neon mittens/neon knit scarf/faux fur earband/faux fur hat/this coat in my wildest dreams/a new take on Hunter boots/another great glove option  

I am so totally in love with the coat above, however, I will not be buying it anytime soon.  It is great inspiration for the winter though!  I am also loving the new take on Hunter boots-- they are super streamlined and even more wearable than the already classic Hunter boots are.

Last, but not least, I really want to get my hand on the knitted scarf.  It looks so cozy and I would love to have it in my winter wardrobe!

What cold weather accessories are you loving?    


On Not Having a Job

When I first moved to the city, I started working for one of the Anthros here.  It was great, but it quickly became too much for me to handle and I had to take a break.  Now it has been about a month and a half without working and it is really sad :( 

Honestly, I never realized how much I could miss working.  It was such a big part of my life back home and I totally took it for granted when I got here.  I love having a job and I love having a place to go to get away from the rest of the stuff going on in my life.

Another thing I miss: having a steady income.  I saved up a lot of money over the summer for college and now I am getting pretty low because I'm not making the money back I'm spending.  Thank goodness for my parents who are helping me out, but, that said, I definitely want a job again.  The free time is great, but work is better.

I can't wait until next semester when I start back up again!

Did you have a job your first year?  How did you handle it?



My Favorite Coffee Shop in NYC

Being in NYC, I have a new appreciation for coffee.  I hardly ever go a day without it and I love exploring the city for new coffee places.  I am also rather lucky because there are so many coffee shops in the Greenwich Village area, but one is my favorite above all others: Le Café Coffee. 

Le Café Coffee makes the best coffee.  Ever.  Every cup is brewed to perfection and there is a taste of love in every sip.  My particular favorite is their Lavender Latte, as it reminds me of Sleepy Bee (the best brunch place in Cinci).  It is so nice to have a little comfort of home in the big city.

Another reason I am a huge supporter of Le Café Coffee: they are all organic and devoted to keeping it that way.  It makes the experience that much more enjoyable and keeps me coming back for my favorite cup of coffee.

Anyone else tried Le Café Coffee?  What is your favorite coffee shop?



The Movies That Help Me Cope

I watch a lot of films, but there are only a few that I ever return to.  For some reason, those few films really help me figure out what is going on in my life and help me to carry on even when the going gets tough.  Sometimes I will even watch them over and over again until I finally come to the realization I need.  Here are the films I always come back to...

1. Breakfast at Tiffany's
2. Uptown Girls 
3. Bread and Tulips
4. Mamma Mia

These four movies have gotten me through EVERYTHING, literally.  The breakups, the career doubts, the family issues, the new relationships.  Whatever I happen to be going through, these movies just get me and I am so thankful to have them.

What movies help get you through your rough times?


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