The Things You Learn

Just being in college for a half a semester (wow I can't believe it is going by that fast) has made me realize a lot of things about myself.  I never thought I would say this, but I am having a lot of doubts about acting.  Don't get me wrong, I still love it, but is it really what I want to major in?

After my world came crashing down a few weeks in, I became really depressed and upset all the time.  At the same time, however, I had gotten into a specialized costume course-- they only take 10ish people and it is pretty hard to get into-- through my intro to theatre production class.  After being in the class for around 6 weeks, I have realized that I love costuming.  More importantly, I love the people in costuming. 

I have never felt more at home and more happy with my life.  Costuming and fashion has become an escape for me and every time I draw or work on costuming homework, I find myself happy and fulfilled-- a feeling I realize I haven't had in a long time. 

So, now that I love costuming, where does drama fall?  To be honest, I don't know quite yet.  I am hoping to shadow one of the costume students for a little to see if I really like the program and I have been talking to my teacher as well, who has been so helpful with my decision. 

Here is to finding out who you are!!

How is college going for you so far?  Anyone else thinking of a major change?


Some Halloween Options

I was going to write a really deep post today, but that is for another time haha; instead, I thought I would do a quick write up on a few Halloween costume ideas I have for this year!

First of all, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays (Christmas, however, is my absolute favorite holiday).  I love being able to dress up and go out with my friends!  This year will be especially fun because it is my first college Halloween and we are dressing up for studio!! So, here are a few of my costume ideas for this year's Halloween. 

1940's Pin Up Girl

Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas

The Classic Black Cat


Currently, I am trying to pull the 1940s Pin Up Girl costume together, but if it doesn't fall through, I always have Sally or the Black Cat to fall back on-- also great costume choices!

What are you thinking of going as for Halloween? 


NYU Campus Style

Coming into college, I was really interested to see what everyone would be wearing.  What sort of style does my school consist of?  What pieces are savvy for your average college student living in the city?  After a lot of observing, I have finally come up with a list of the most popular pieces here at NYU.

1. The Longchamp: You may know my Longchamp story, however, I am going to tell you again.  A while ago I had a Longchamp and I ended up returning it because I just couldn't find any use for.  Well, here I am two years later and I ended up ordering one again.  They are the "It Bag" here in the city, especially around the NYU campus.  The Longchamp is stylish, a little pricey, but still affordable for a good bag-- on a side note, I only paid like 50 dollars for mine because of the Nordstrom Credit Card program.

2. Converse: Literally every person I know here owns a pair of converse including myself.  They are really comfortable (with socks, without blisters) and go with almost every outfit.  I personally have the slip on pair, but if anything I would recommend getting the lace up version.  They are much easier to wear with socks!

3. Booties: Yes, booties are a trend everywhere, but I think any female college student I know owns a good pair of flat booties.  They are also really comfortable and work well with a lot of outfits, especially in the fall.  This is one piece I would love to invest in, but really don't have the money for right now.  Maybe for my birthday though ;) 

4. A Fun Hat: This is a little less common, but I still see a lot of it-- a good hat.  A good hat is always a way to add some personality to your wardrobe.  My favorite is the felt floppy hat, seriously it is instant style!

5. A Coat: With it getting colder here, everyone is breaking out their favorite coat and I love seeing what everyone chooses.  Most everyone has a coat that defines their personal style and I love it!  I have been wearing a little red cape since the weather got colder and it is so perfect!

 What are some of the most popular pieces on your campus?


I Missed You

I have really missed blogging and I honestly didn't realize how hard it would be to blog in college.  That said, there is a lot more going on then college though and it has been really difficult to focus on anything, however, I realize now that I can't let someone take away all the joy in my life.

I love blogging and it makes me happy.  Yes I definitely won't be able to blog all the time because of how busy I am, but I plan on coming back to the blogging world after my little hiatus and it feels so good.  Honestly, I don't understand why I stopped writing because it really helps me to organize all of my thoughts and help me understand what is going on in my own life. 

Also, a good friend reminded me of something we learned in acting school on the first day.

"The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again to achieve a goal. Try changing it up and see what happens."

This made me realize I can't keep doing the same things I've been doing because sooner or later they will create a habit and a pretty bad one at that.  So in attempts to bring myself back to reality, here I am.  I won't be posting all the time, but definitely much more often than I have been!

How has college been for you so far? 



October Anthro Edits

To be completely honest, I have not been readily jumping on board with the new trends this fall.  I am not a big 70s fan, so I don't love all the leather, denim minis, or the Woodstock style pieces.  However, I am really happy with Anthro because they have stayed true to their aesthetic while also adding some trendier pieces for fall!

dark green turtle neck/scalloped-back dress/wool mini skirt/red vegan leather mini skirt/plum turtleneck/floral coat/mary janes (honestly, I would never be able to afford these, but if someway by God I could, they would be mine)/fox tights/maroon hat/faux fur snood

One piece I must highlight is the floral trench-- it is perfectly fall with a little bit of a 70s twist and I love it.  I probably won't buy it because, after all, I am taking a break from buying, but I can dream right?

I may, however, have to purchase a few warm weather pieces from Anthro because wow does it get cold here!  The tights are a must and I am highly considering the fur snood-- so cute, fashionable, and warm.  
Also, I am loving all the turtlenecks!  Warmth and fashion-- count me in!

What are you loving this fall?  Thoughts on the 70s trend? 


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