DIY Ruby Slippers

Yesterday I found out that I got cast as Dorothy in an upcoming production of The Wizard of Oz!  I am so excited :)  I have always wanted to be Dorothy since I first saw the movie, and now I get to live out my childhood dream!  Since I got the part of Dorothy, I am in charge of buying/creating my ruby slippers.  The reason I am in charge of the ruby slippers is because I plan on keeping them.  So far, I have found some DIY projects on Pinterest that might be worth trying.  Here are the pictures and links.  

I still can't decide between making them with glitter or sequins.  I know the sequins will take me longer, but I feel like they look better. 

Have you all ever wanted your own pair of ruby slippers? 

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Pink Sneaks

Yesterday I found the cutest pink sneakers!  I am usually not a sneaker person, but I just couldn't pass these up.  They are super comfy and the price was unbeatable ($12); perfect for a day of walking :)  Since I found these cute sneaks, I thought I would create a couple of cute outfits to go with them!  The shoes I have pictured are Keds, but you can find an inexpensive pair like mine pretty much anywhere

 Tops: 1(similar)/2
Bottoms: 1/2
Shoes: Keds 

Do you all have a favorite pair of sneaks?  How do you all style them?

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Loving Cuffs

So recently, I have been loving cuffs.  I cuff my pants and my shirts all the time!  I think cuffs are so classic and versatile, making them a staple style in any woman's wardrobe.  When I choose to style my clothes with cuffs I always go for a more professional look, but there are many other looks that can be accomplished with cuffs, as well.  Here are some of my favorite looks for the upcoming fall season that use cuffs

 All of these looks are from J. Crew and J. Crew Factory!  I think that J. Crew does such a great job creating stylish outfits! 

How do you all like to style cuffs? 

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J. Crew Factory Midsummer Sale

As of yesterday, J. Crew Factory started their midsummer sale!  During this sale, everything in the store is %40 off.  I feel like I always talk about these sales, but they really are my absolute favorite.  The prices are just right for you preppy people on a budget :)  Besides the J. Crew Factory having a sale, J. Crew itself is having a %40 off sale on final sale items too!  Here are some of my favorites from both of the sales! 

J. Crew Factory Midsummer Sale 

J. Crew %40 Off Final Sale

 Both of these sales are great, however, I think the factory sale is just a little better because there is a greater size selection! 

What do you all love about J. Crew and J. Crew Factory sales? 

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Casual Business Meeting

Today I have a meeting with one of the directors who works at the theater I am interning at.  We are going to meet at a little coffee shop to go over the blocking I wrote out for this next weeks script.  I got to write the blocking because, for my final week, I am going to fully direct a camp!  The show I am directing is The Wizard of Oz.  I am so excited to work on such a classic piece for my first time directing at the theater!

For this post, I figured I would create a nice, casual business meeting outfit!  For my top I chose a fancy tank top that would look more professional.  I also chose white jeans because I thought they would make the look nice and polished.  Lastly, I am wearing my Jack Rogers.  I know sandals aren't exactly the best thing for work, but the theater is pretty casual, so I am able to wear them a lot!  Here is the outfit!

Of course, I am going to bring my new Longchamp with me too!  I have been thinking about doing a what's in my bag/review post on it!  Should I?

What do you all wear to casual business meetings? 

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Prep on a Budget Tip #6

Another tip I have to save my money is to shop for designer brands on Ebay!  Ebay has great deals on designer items such as Kate Spade, Longchamp, Louis Vuitton, Jack Rogers, etc.  I find that Ebay always has what I am looking for when shopping for bag/shoes/clothes.  The only con about Ebay can be the sellers.  I have always been really cautious when making big purchases online from Ebay just because, depending on the seller, you never know what you are going to get.  A pro about Ebay, however, is their customer rating!  I love that they have that because it makes me feel so much more comfortable about buying something pricey!  Here are some items on Ebay right now that I think are great! 

  All of the items shown above are from highly rated sellers!  I really love the wallet, as I have been looking for one.  Oh, and as far as authentication goes, I know many sites can show you how to authenticate an item if you are worried about that! 

What do you all love about Ebay? 

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Tag Tuesday: Colors

Today I just got tagged in my first Tag Tuesday post!  Rachel from Makeshift Munch chose to tag me, so here it goes!  I thought I would tag some of my favorite brand items in the colors I was given!
1. Red: These cute shoes are on sale at Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale this year!  I just love the cute bow!
2. Orange: Another thing I have been searching for is a cute card case!  I love this orange one from Tory Burch!
3. Yellow: This is the Sunshine color in the Longchamp Le Pliage bag!  It is no longer in stock, but I linked the regular page for the Longchamp Le Pliage large totes at Nordstrom!
4. Green: This is the green color of the Kate Spade wallet I have listed under my Wallet Obsession post!  I just love the great quality of Kate Spade items!
5. Blue: This cute bracelet is from C. Wonder!  I love this monogram bracelet as it is so classic. 
6. Indigo: I own this shirtdress from Gap and it really is my favorite go to dress!  It is so comfy, plus it has pockets. 
7. Violet: I found this cute Essie polish from Nordstrom.  The color is Full Steam Ahead. 
8. Pink: These earrings from Francesca's are to die for.  I love how affordable and cute all of the earrings are at their store!
9. Multi Color: For my multi color I chose this cosmetic case from Kate Spade! So cute, right?    

Thank you to Rachel for tagging me! To continue the tag tuesday posting I chose to tag Lindsay from Pearls Please!

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Wallet Obsession

I got my first wallet about six years ago with my mom when we went shopping!  It has lasted me forever, but, sadly it is time for a new oneMy poor wallet has gotten so gross, ripped up, and has run out of space for all of my stuff.  It will be sad to give up my trusty Jessica Simpson wallet, but hopefully I will be able to find another great wallet I can use time and time again!  Personally I have found that Kate Spade, Coach, and Michael Kors have a really good, quality selection of wallets to choose from!  Here are some of the wallets I have been looking at!

What wallets do you all recommend? 

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Cleaning Up!

I seriously think it has been about three years since I have cleaned out all of my dresser drawers, but I finally did it!  In the wee midnight hours when I was getting all my purse items organized I decided why not clean out all the other junk I have!  My drawer now look amazing!  I was so surprised that I didn't find tons of clothes for Goodwill, but rather a lot of random things I had collected over the years.  I had a huge perfume collection that I put in storage, a bunch of old magazines, tons of odd trinkets, and a bunch of old school stuff.  I don't know why, but waiting for my new bag has made me want to get everything clean and organized for some reason!  Anyway here is all the junk I have from years past!

 Seriously, I can't believe how bad it was!  The first picture were all of my old magazines!  That bag is so heavy, I don't know how I am going to get it to the recyclable bin! The other bags are all old junk and Goodwill items.  Obviously I will be giving away the Goodwill items, but the other items are trash or will be stored awayIt feels great to be clean and refreshed!

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Reunited :)

After a long, long week, I finally got to see my boyfriend again!  He just got home from vacation with his family.  He said he had a really good time and all of the pictures he took definitely show it.  It honestly feels like we have been away from each other for such a long time!  Yesterday we just sat around and talked about our vacations and caught up on everything since we were gone!  I told him all about the show this week and gave him some presents from my trip to Newport, Rhode Island.  He loved them:)  I bought him a New York license plate key chain with his name on it from New York City.  I also got him a cute sail boat figurine from Newport!  While he was on vacation he bought me the most wonderful gift:)

I absolutely love this cute little bracelet!  It is a perfect beach themed item and of course it is special because my boyfriend got it for me:)
 Don't you all think it goes perfect with the starfish earrings I have from Francesca's?

What is your favorite jewelry piece? 

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Crabtree and Evelyn

So today I decided I would tell you all about one of my favorite brands, Crabtree and Evelyn!  This brand is so amazing.  I feel like they always have awesome lotions, nail polish, soaps, etc.  I especially love their products because they smell great, work great, and are decently priced.  One of my favorite items at Crabtree and Evelyn is their Ultra Moisturizing Hand Therapy LotionI have this lotion in the Taracco Orange scent.  I can say that I have never had a better experience with a hand lotion before.  I get extremely dry hands, and this always clears them up great!  Some other products I recommend are...

I just love how great all of these are!  Plus, Crabtree and Evelyn has gifts sets; personally I think lotions and bath items make great gifts for birthdays or bridal parties.  Right now they have some really good promotions as well!  My favorite promotion is the nautical tote with $125 or more purchase

What is your favorite lotion/bath brand? 

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Happy Anniversary Nordstrom!

As most of you know, Nordstrom is having their annual anniversary sale!  I absolutely love this sale because there are great prices on brand new designer items!  The only con about this sale is that sometimes you may not find what you want, as certain brands have a limited selection of anniversary sale items.  Some good brands to buy during this sale are Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Michael Kors (I've noticed a huge collection on sale at this year's anniversary),  and sometimes Longchamp.  Overall, I have seen only one Longchamp on sale, a few Tory Burch items, and a lot of Michael Kors and Kate Spade, all of which are generously marked down :) Here are a few of my favorite items from the sale! 

What do you like about the anniversary sale? Any favorite items?

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%40 Off New Arrivals at J. Crew Factory

While I was browsing online yesterday, I checked in on the J. Crew Factory site.  Once again, they are having another great sale!  This sale is all about the new fall arrivals.  I must say, they have some really cute items that I might be adding to my back to school list.  Another thing I love about this sale is that there will be a greater selection of sizes since almost all the new arrivals are pieces that just came in!  Here are some of my favorites from the sale

I never thought I would need one of these until my trip this summer!  My Iphone was literally drained everyday, so I think I might invest in one!

What are some of your favorites from the J. Crew Factory sale? 

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 I just bought my first Longchamp Tote!  When I got online at Nordstrom they had a large tote on sale in Paprika (orangy, red color).  I am so excited to use it as an everyday bagI think I might make a "What's in my bag" post once I get it and start using it for a while. 


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