How Do I Do It?

This is honestly, the question I ask myself every night when I go to bed.  I feel like there isn't one day that goes by where I don't have tons of homework or huge plans.  On my second Sunshine Award post, I got asked what clubs I was involved in.  I honestly never realized how much I do until I got asked in the comments by Alex, "how do you do it all"!  I am involved in probably 7 or 8 clubs at my school, which many would consider a lot.  I think what leads me to do so much is my over active brain.  I feel like I have to be involved in just about everything, or I will be a failure.  This, of course, can be very stressful at times.  It is very hard to balance all of my activities, friends, family, homework, etc.  Out of all of this stress, there is one quote that really keeps me motivated...

Audrey Hepburn Quote

I just love this quote from Audrey Hepburn!  Every time I am stressed out or I don't think I can get something done I always think to myself "this isn't impossible".

What quote inspires you all? 

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My Everyday Jewels

As many of you know, I have talked a lot about the necklace I wear everyday.  I got this (similar) perfect bow necklace from my lovely boyfriend Jason for our anniversary last year and I just adore it!  I don't think there is one day since I got it that I don't wear it.  I have a few other necklaces that I have collected over the years, but I always come back to the bow necklace.  I love how simple it is and how it goes with everything!  Because I have an everyday necklace, I figured you all might want to see what some of my other everyday jewels are! 
Everyday Jewelry
I always pair my bow necklace with pearl earrings.  The ones I have are some imitation pearls from Forever 21.  They are the perfect size and I just love to wear them!  I don't own any of the other items above, but I have similar items that I dawn all the time; you can probably see that I have a slight obsession with Kate Spade haha :)
What are your everyday jewels? 
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Date Night with Jason

So tonight, Jason and I have planned a nice dinner out!  We just love going out on dates from time to time because we always have such a good time together.  I am so excited for our date night because we are going to go out for a "breakfast for dinner" :)  Since I like dressing up, I am going to be wearing a similar dress to the one pictured below.  Instead of going with the fancier accessories, I am going to use the far right accessories because they are a little more casual!
Date Night: Homecoming

Don't you all just love how the accessories are what sets the tone of the outfit?  I think it is so great when you can get multiple uses out of one item of clothing by using different types of accessories :)

What piece of clothing do you get the most use out of?

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Preppy Fall Looks for Less by Allie

Hey everyone!  Today I am proud to say that I have my first guest post (eek!).  The guest poster for today is Allie from it's electicAL!  You all just have to check out her blog, it is fantastic!  Today, Allie will be telling you all about some great (and preppy) fall looks for less :)

Look 1: Puffer Vest Prep
Puffer vests, oxford button-downs, and riding boots are all Fall wardrobe staples for the quintessential prep. However, they can put a big dent in your wallet if you’re looking for well-known brands. Luckily, many other brands are making similar styles for cheaper. Now we can all channel our inner prep without breaking our piggy banks!

What I’m Wearing: A cream vest from Land’s End, Lauren Conrad green pants from Kohl’s, blue button down from Land’s End, Madden Girl boots from Delia’s, pearls from Forever 21, and a monogram bracelet from Marley Lilly.

Look 2:  Lazy Day Prepster
Leggings and a big shirt is one of my favorite lazy day combinations. But how do you make it look classy while still staying comfy? First off, Old Navy has amazing leggings – from high-waisted to low, they are soft, stretchy, and there is a fit for every body type. Not to mention the price is extremely reasonable. This summer I also found this beautiful long sleeve white crepe shirt from Old Navy. It helps create the perfectly simple black and white prep look, with black flats as a classic finish. 

What I’m Wearing: a white crepe shirt from Old Navy, black leggings from Old Navy, Lauren Conrad black flats from Kohl’s, pearls from Forever 21, and a monogram bracelet from Marley Lilly.

Look 3: Preppy in Plaid
Plaid skirts aren’t just for private schools – they are an essential of the prepster’s wardrobe. This one from Old Navy was only four dollars when I bought it! And it has gotten so much use over the years. Versatile to style, plaid skirts are adorable with tights and boots when it gets a little colder as well. I’m channeling the Gossip Girl Upper East Side style in this look (but definitely not the price!)

What I’m Wearing: A white crepe tank from Old Navy, a plaid skirt from Old Navy, a black cardigan from Nordstrom Rack, Lauren Conrad black flats from Kohl’s, pearls from Forever 21, and a monogram bracelet from Marley Lilly.

Look 4: Nautical Prep
Sailor shirts are wonderful - especially L.L. Bean’s sailor shirt. After buying this tee for a great price, I have worn this shirt so many times, and it still looks brand new. Perfect for the nautical prep, both in style and price. Leather jackets can also help complete a Fall look, but can get pricey as well. I got this adorable motorcycle jacket from Charming Charlie of all places, and for only about $50! It completes a perfectly preppy look for any Fall day.

What I’m Wearing: A striped sailor tee from L.L. Bean, Lauren Conrad dark wash skinny jeans from Kohl’s, oxford leather shoes from Aldo, and a leather jacket from Charming Charlie.

 Thank you so much Allie for the wonderful post!

Also, if any of you would like to guest post just visit the contact page and fill out the form! 

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Thursday Trends

Another trend I am loving this fall is the leopard trend!  I think this trend is just so classy and in the words of Jenna Lyons "leopard is a neutral".  I totally agree with this quote because leopard can really bring any outfit together.  My favorite piece of leopard I have in my closet is my pair of croquetl flats from Steve MaddenThey are so comfy and super cute!  To feature this trend, I thought another outfit would be a good idea :)

I just love all of the designers that are using leopard this fall; there are some really great pieces!

What is your favorite leopard piece?

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Lucky Brand Jeans

One item I purchased this fall was a pair of Lucky Brand jeans!  Since they are rather expensive (around $99), I thought it would be good to give you all a little (not sponsored) review.  I love it when I am able to find reviews for nice products online because it really helps me decided on what I should buy; that is actually how I ended up buying the Longchamp tote!  So anyway, the style of jeans I bought were the slightly curvy Lola skinny. 

I really love the fit of these jeans; they are honestly one of the best fits I have ever had in jeans!  Another pro to these jeans is how soft they are.  As far as cons go, the only thing I can say right now is that the dye rubs off on my legs a little.  Other than that I have no other cons right now!  I hope this helps you all out :)

What is your favorite pair of jeans


Sick Days

Of course I am one of the first people in school to get sick.  I feel like this happens every year and it just makes me feel so gross.  Since I am sure you all have been through this before, I figured I would create a little list of sick day remedies :

Sick Days

1. Drink Something Hot: Whenever I am sick I always start my day with a hot cup of tea and then go to bed with a hot cup of tea.  I find that this really helps my throat feel better and makes me feel less stuffy. 

2. Get Sleep: Even if it means skipping something, getting sleep when you are sick is important.  The extra sleep always makes me feel better

3. Drink Water: Throughout the day make sure you drink tons of water!  Drinking water helps clear out your nose and throat, and will make you feel better.  It is even more fun with one of these Lilly Tumblers ;)  

4. Light a Candle: I always love having a candle burning when I am sick (even if I can't smell it).  It is so relaxing and just brings a little brightness to my day. 

5. Read a Good Book: Lastly, reading can really help lift your spirits!  I always like to choose a fun read like The Devil Wears Prada

Hope this helps you all get through your sick days :)

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Fall Favorites

Since yesterday was the official start of fall, I thought I would share my fall favorites with you!  I must say that fall is my favorite season.  I just love a good piece of pumpkin pie, a warm cup of tea, and waking up to a crackling fire place on the weekends.  Not only do I love all of those, but fall clothing is another thing I am obsessed with.  Sweaters, boots, and deep jewel tones (especially emerald!) are just a few of my clothing weaknesses in the fall.  So, here are my fall favorites :)

Fall Favorites

I just love the leopard flats and the Lucky Jeans (maybe a review up later this week)

What are your fall favorites? 

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Rainy Game Day Wear

This past Friday a friend and I went to our school's football game and it was pouring!  We didn't think it would be too bad, but by half time we just had to go homeI couldn't believe how hard it rained!  Even though I wore a rain coat and boots, I was soaked through.  I am still so happy with what I wore though because it could have been way worse!  Since rainy game days always happen to me, I thought I would share a good outfit for these days with you  :)
Rainy Game Day

I just love my Hunter Boots; they are literally one of the best investments I have made!

What do you all wear on rainy game days

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Riding Boots

One item I really need to get is a pair of riding boots.  I think that they look so great and are also very essential to any girls wardrobe!  My only dilemma in my search for a good riding boot, is finding the right one for me.  Every time I try a boot on, I always find something wrong with the way it fits.  I think this may have something to do with my height since I am really short, so the boots look a little tall on me.  I decided to create a small Polyvore to show you all some boots I have been looking at!  

Riding Boots

Yesterday I was able to try on the first boot and I actually really liked itI am waiting for a sale so I can decide if I really want them or not :)

Do you all have any riding boot advice or suggestions

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Friday Favorites

Since I haven't done this in a while, I figured I would share my five Friday favorites.  This week for me has just been so busy, tiring, and crazy!  The school year is finally starting to kick in, which means tests, quizzes, and of course *sigh* standardized testing.  Because of these things, I have had five main things that have gotten me through this week!  

1. My Boyfriend:  I used this bow necklace to symbolize my boyfriend because he bought me a similar one for our first anniversary!  He is always one of my favorites, but this week he has been especially amazing because he has been able to deal with my crazy stressed out self :)

2. PJ Pants: Because it is getting cooler, I can finally wear pj pants!  This is just another favorite part of fall for me because I love how comfy and cozy pj pants are

3. Lilly Mug: I have this mug in Chin Chin and I use it literally every morning for my tea!  Having tea in the morning really helps me get through my day! 

4. Hunter Boots: This week I have gotten a lot of use out of my Hunter Boots.  I just love that they can be worn in the fall, as well as the spring!

5. Macbook: The last thing I am loving this week is my Macbook because I have been able to get so much accomplished on it!  I was able to write an essay, write for my blog, shop, type notes, and many more great things :)

What are your Friday Favorites? 

Also, does anyone know why all my Polyvores are coming out with a grey background?

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Thursday Trends

Today I wanted to create a new series called Thursday Trends!  I won't be doing this every Thursday, but just once in while when there is a new trend I am loving.  For today's trend I wanted to feature the deep emerald color trend I have been seeing this fall!  I just love this trend because it is perfect for fall, is luxurious, and is oh so chic.  I also like how eye catching this color is!  I thought the best way to feature this trend was by creating an outfit :)

I know that some of these items are on the pricier side, but I couldn't resist... I mean those Kate Spade shoes are so amazing!  Click on the image to check out all the items! 

What color trend are you loving this fall? 

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Kate Spade Surprise Sale!

It is once again time for another Surprise Sale from Kate Spade!  I just love waking to the email for these sales and I thought I would share some of my favorite items with you all.  I may finally be getting my wallet :)

What do you all want from the Surprise Sale? 

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The Sunshine Award Again :)

First of all, let me just say you all are too too sweet :Today I just received another nomination for the Sunshine award from Eva at Nothing But Prep!  I am so glad that you all like my posts and that you all think I add a little happiness to your day

The rules 
1. Post a link back to the person who nominated you- Eva
2. Answer the questions you were given 
3. Create some question
4. Nominate 10 other bloggers

Since I already nominated others for this award, I am just going to answer the questions Eva asked me :)

Question from Eva
1. What is your favorite color and why do you like it? 
my favorite color is always changing, but right now I am really loving pink because it is so bright and happy! 

2. Coffee or Sweet Tea? 
I don't really like either, but if a chai tea latte counts, then that is what I would choose

3. Why and when did you start blogging? 
I first started blogging about 4 or 5 months ago.  I started Prep on a Budget because I really wanted to bring preppy fashion to those on a budget and I just love to write :)

4. How many siblings do you have? 
I have no siblings, but I have a friend that is literally like a sister to me

5. Dogs or cats?
Definitely cats

6. What sports do you do? 
I don't play any sports for school, but my boyfriend and I play volleyball all the time!

 7. What clubs are you currently participating in? 
There are so many clubs that it is hard to count, but some of the main ones I am involved in are show choir, my leadership club, and debate club! 

8. What is your go-to pair of shoes? 
The shoes I always wear are my Jack Rogers, but in the winter I wear my leopard flats a lot

9. What is your favorite clothing item that you own? 
My favorite piece of clothing I own would probably be my sweater I got for fall this year

10. What is your favorite brand? 
I really love J. Crew and Kate Spade!

Thank you so much for nominating me Eva! 

Keep Prepping! 


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