Monthly Links

As I mentioned on my post last month, I have been working with Grace from Preppy on the West Coast for fun end of the month posts.  Last month we did a recap in Instagram pictures, and this month we decided to do a monthly links post!  I absolutely love doing these because they always sum up what my month has been about.  So, here are my monthly links! 

1. I took a no shopping month (post here)!

2. These shoes are #1 on my obsession list

3. SJP's shoe collection is available at Nordstrom today.  I have literally been waiting for this all month!

4. I am loving this jacket

6. Ashley's post on traveling in style.

7. Anna's (Pinodesk) shop on Society 6.

8. This really fun quiz!

9. Tips from Glitter Guide for watching the Oscars this weekend.

10. Spring come soon so I can wear this! 

11. This outfit from Pockets and Lace Boutique (Get 25% off with code PREP2014)!
What are your favorite things from this month?



Some Exciting News + Tips

I am so excited because--drum roll please--I have a job interview today!  I have wanted this job for a while and I applied last month, so it is relieving and super exciting to finally be interviewing for the position.  Here is what I plan on wearing and few tips for impressing during your interview! 

Interview Wear

One thing to keep in mind when interviewing is "dress to impress".  This is always important because the first time someone sees you, you want to make a good impression.  Another important tip is Be Yourself!  No one likes seeing someone who isn't confident and comfortable in their own skin.  The last thing to keep in mind when interviewing is to have some background knowledge of the company/position you are interviewing for.  It always makes you look better when you can speak a little about their company and mission!

How do you dress/prep for an interview?



The Perfect Jacket

Since the weather is getting to be a little warmer, I have been looking into purchasing a lightweight jacket.  I really like the look of the navy anorak/military jacket because it is so casual.  It would be perfect for going out during the day and night.  So far, I have narrowed it down to three of my favorites!
The Navy Jacket


I love all three of these, but I think the price of 2 and 3 will probably win me over!  Both are only $40, which is a great buy!

What do you think?  Which jacket is your favorite?


Staying Organized

One thing I have been getting better at this year, is staying organized.  I have a planner for blogging, a set time I take out of the day for emails, and I always make sure my work space is clean.  I am pretty sure I have OCD because everything has a place and it must be there, or I have a small panic attack haha.  Anyway, I thought I should share some of my tips on how to stay organized!

1. Keep an on going to-do and blog post list.  I keep mine on this sticky note set!

2. Make sure you have a clean workspace.  It makes everything less stressful and much easier. 

3. Keep a planner (personal or blogging!).  The one I have pictured literally keeps my entire life organized!

How do you stay organized?



Emerald and Leopard

Well, the warm weather is on its way out.  It snowed and rained today: Yuck!  However, I did get to wear this fun emerald shirt from Pockets and Lace Boutique with my favorite leopard heels!  It was such a great outfit for a day on the town.  My mom and I went to Target to get some wedding shower gifts, a frame, and thank you cards for some of my teachers!  I even got a little surprise because my mom bought me shoes for prom!  No worries I am still going strong on my shopping fast ;)  Anyways, here is what I wore yesterday!
top/jeans/heels (Target, c/o)

I love the emerald with the leopard.  It is such a great pairing.  Oh and the shirt is only $16.99 right now with an extra 25% off for my readers!  Use PREP2014 on your next order at Pockets and Lace Boutique to get 25% off :)

What did you do on Sunday?



The Flowers Are Blooming

It is so nice that the weather is finally changing for the better!  If you saw my Instagram pic yesterday, you knew I was enjoying the weather in my Jack Rogers and this wonderful number from Pockets and Lace Boutique.  Here are a few pictures!

I love this dress from Pockets and Lace Boutique, and the best part, it is only $24.99 (plus an extra 25% off for my readers)!  I originally paired it with my black heels, but I later decided on Jack Rogers because they were a little more casual.  It was so nice to wear a dress and sandals again, it almost felt like summer haha!

Get ready for the spring by getting 25% off your purchase at Pockets and Lace Boutique with PREP2014!

What did you do on Saturday?


Navy or Nothing

I have noticed so many nautical navy items popping up just in time for spring.  I absolutely love navy because it is such a classic color that can be worn year round!  Here are a few of my favorite pieces in #navyornothing!
What do you think about all the navy?  Are you loving it too?


Five on Friday

With the weather finally warming up, this week has had me thinking about nothing, but springI actually wore a dress to school yesterday it was that warm!  Here are a few of my favorite things from this week, on this wonderfully warm Friday. 

1. I finally got my hair cut, but I can't believe how long it is still!

2. These Joie sandals I plan on purchasing for the spring.

3. Tiger + Tink silk pajama shorts. 

4. My mini me by Anna of Pinodesk!

5. This post about my friends.

What are you loving this Friday?

P.S. I have been thinking about changing the design of my blog a bit.  Possibly a little more clean and streamlined!  What do you think?


Pinodesk Portrait

Did you notice the mini me on my header?  Well that portrait was designed by the wonderful Anna of Pinodesk!  I absolutely love her work and I am so happy that she chose to draw me and a few other bloggers who won her giveaway!

 I love that Anna does her illustrations with sketch and water color; oh, and no big deal, but she is also self taught!  I wish I could teach myself to do stuff like this!

So if you have the chance definitely go check out Anna's store or her blog!

P.S. In my illustration, I am wearing a top from Pockets and Lace Boutique!  You can still get 25% off your order with the code PREP2014 :)


Chitchat with Jackie

While I was thinking about what I wanted to write this week, I thought I should do a little Q & A, and there was no one more perfect for this than Jackie over at York Avenue!  She is one of my favorite bloggers and I am so happy to present this little chitchat with Jackie!

Q: Why did you start blogging and what inspires you to blog?

A: I started blogging mainly because for many years, I read a LOT of blogs every morning, and it was one of the things I most looked forward to each day. I never got sick of reading my favorites and they always made me feel so inspired and happy, so after a few years I got to talking to my sister and we decided to start one of our own. As it turned out, it was more of an interest of mine than hers, so I started it on my own (but she's always my biggest supporter!). Once I started, I realized how nice it felt to have a creative outlet and a way to share the things that I'm passionate about, whether it's baking a sweet treat, trying a cute new place in the city, or an interior design element that I'm obsessed with. My job is so the opposite of everything that I blog about, so it's a nice break from the everyday. I'm inspired by books that I read, things I see on the Internet, and things I come across while exploring NYC. My favorite bloggers inspire me as well! 

Q: Any advice for bloggers just starting out?

A: I'm certainly no expert on blogging! But, I would definitely say that it's not advisable to start blogging for the sole purpose of trying to make money or a career of it. It's extremely difficult to reach the level where you can quit your job and blog full-time, and a LOT of hard work and luck goes into it. So I would say the best reason to blog is because you love it and you want to share your passions. I think it's good for people to consider what it is that they want from blogging-are you trying to make a career of it in some way, or just doing it as a hobby? If it's just a hobby, don't put pressure on yourself! If it's more of a concentrated effort towards a career path, then you should perhaps be more organized and purposeful about it, and post on a daily basis. Also, get your name and your site out there! Leave genuine comments on blogs that you love and new blogs that you discover. Everyone loves getting comments, so it's a nice thing to do anyway, and it will bring more awareness to your blog. I think it's also important to try your best to be original. If you're posting something that you think or know that a lot of others have posted about, that's okay, but find a way to make it your own. Use some original photography, or put your opinion in there in some way. Just find a way to make it uniquely you!

Q: I know you just finished a photography class, any advice for us newbie photographers?

A: Photography class was a really great investment! I enjoyed it a lot and found it very inspiring. I recommend getting a good (but not crazy expensive) camera body (I got a Canon Rebel T3i), along with the kit lens. Although it's not a great lens, it does have the ability to zoom in and out, which is useful. I would say in addition to the kit lens, definitely get a 50 mm f1.8 lens to serve as a basic, high-quality, all-purpose lens. It's great for taking blog pictures (portraits, food photography) as well as just for overall photography needs.

Definitely learn how to use your camera in manual. It would be a bit of a shame to spend so much money on this piece of equipment that can do so much and just use it in auto. Plus you will take much better pictures in manual than the camera can take in auto. As we learned in class, "a camera only has one eye. You have two eyes and a brain."

Unless you're the type of person who can learn on your own by reading a website or book (in which case, I'm jealous!), I would recommend taking a class. Concepts that seemed so foreign and difficult to me at first quickly became second nature when explained by the teacher and then put into practice. It seems really complex at first, but don't get discouraged and keep practicing! The basics get easier and then it's just a matter of finding your style and having fun trying different compositions, lighting, angles, and more. And participate in the class! I regretted not bringing more of my photos in to be critiqued.

Q: Lastly, I'm dying to know, what is life like in NYC?

A: Life in NYC...it's a complicated question! I personally love living here, but I know a lot of people who don't. I would hate to romanticize it because it can be a tough place to live - the way that it's portrayed in movies and on Sex and the City isn't quite the reality! That being said, it really is an amazing place. It's vibrant, full of people, and full of energy. I love that there are so many unique, charming, interesting places to visit, from shops, to museums, to restaurants, parks, cafes...the list goes on. I love that each neighborhood has it's own completely unique and distinct personality and vibe, and it's easy to get from place to place. The biggest thing is that you could never get bored here. There is just an endless amount to do, and even more so, an endless amount to see. Every time I leave the apartment and go for a walk, it feels like a little adventure. You never know what strange or wonderful thing or person you'll see. I like that you can get away from the hustle and bustle by going to a quieter neighborhood, or you can just walk into a high traffic area and be right in the middle of this massive amount of energy and excitement. It feels like you're somewhere, somewhere special. It has it's downsides. It's crowded, it's noisy, it's EXPENSIVE (so expensive). But if you love it, none of that really matters. And people love it for so many different reasons. I think that's part of what makes NYC special-it's a completely different place to each person who experiences it. To me, it just feels like home, and I hope that I'm lucky enough to always be able to call it my home. 

You should definitely go check out Jackie's blog!  She is absolutely wonderful and I am so happy I was able to bring this interview to you!


A Snowy Day

This snow has been so crazyWe just got another 3 inches this weekend, but the snow isn't stopping me from taking some great outfit pictures for the blog!  I have teamed up with Pockets and Lace Boutique yet again to bring you another fun winter outfit!

shirt/bracelet/jeans/boots (C/O in this color, but many other choices!)

This shirt is another one of my favorites from Pockets and Lace Boutique!  It is such great quality and has such a nice pop of color to it as well!

You can still get 25% off your purchase at Pockets and Lace Boutique with the code PREP2014!
What did you do this snowy weekend? 


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