Just Fishin' Around

t-shirt/pants (c/o but similar pair here)/sunglasses (c/o but here is a similar style)

Back in January/February I found these fun pants at Anthro and I just had to have them.  One little known fact about me is that I love fish!  I actually have a goldfish that I saved from a fair.  His name is Marlow and he will be coming to NYU with me in the fall!  These pants remind me of him, so I always call them my Marlow pants.

But, let's talk about this t-shirt though.  This is, of course, another Anthro buy, but it is so necessary for any woman's wardrobe.  The t.la t-shirts come in so many different colors, are affordable, and there are literally a million different ways to style them! 

Do you have a fun pair of pants?  How do you style your essential tee?


Cincinnati Eats: Sleepy Bee

Brunch is one of my favorite things ever and, up until now, the places I really liked to go were in NYC; however, my friend Abbey showed me this great little brunch place in Oakley called Sleepy Bee.

Sleepy Bee is a locally owned and operated, farm-to-table style cafe.  They feature a breakfast and lunch menu all with fresh items from locally sourced farms.  Using locally sourced produce, dairy, and grains makes everything taste better and everyone feel better.  My personal favorite menu items include their buttermilk pancakes and their lavender latte-- it is such a treat.

 Featured above: the famous lavender latte and the special of the day (Thursday), Tiramisu pancakes!

Another reason I love Sleepy Bee is the vibe it gives off.  Everyone who eats and works there is always in a good mood and the atmosphere is buzzing (yes that was a bee pun), making it so much fun to sit and eat your meal.

If you are ever in Cinci, I highly recommend checking out Sleepy Bee



One thing I never can convince myself to buy is jewelry.  First of all, Seth always gets me jewelry and secondly, it seems to be last on the totem pole as far as my wardrobe money is concerned; however, I have been trying to break that habit.  Now, I'm not saying that it is totally reasonable for me to just spend, spend, spend, but I think adding jewelry to my wardrobe instead of more clothes or, god forbid, shoes, is probably a good thing.

Lucky for me, Anthro always has a great selection and this piece caught my eye...

The one piece of jewelry I could convince myself of buying is a necklace because I actually have very few.  I wanted something quirky, but still dainty and feminine, and this bauble seemed to be the perfect fit!  I cannot wait to get it in the mail! 

What piece of jewelry are you looking to add to your collection?


Shoes of Prey

While searching around Nordstrom's website, I cam along a really cute pair of Mary Jane style shoes and said to myself, I need to know that brand.  The brand is called Shoes of Prey and they actually don't design shoes.  Yes, that is right, they do not design shoes, but guess who does... YOU!

Shoes of Prey is an online shoe company dedicated to helping women create their dream shoe at a reasonable price.  My first thought, they probably don't have tons of selection, but boy was I wrong.  They have so many materials, patterns, and shoe styles to choose from!  The possibilities are endless.  Here are a few shoes I created in their design lab.

Okay, so the Dorothy inspired heels are amazing, but lets be real, how much could I really wear those with (knowing me, I would find a way because they are so gorgeous).  However, I am thinking I may save up to buy the first pair because how can you go wrong with such a classic style.  Plus, the materials are great and each pair of shoes is made BY HAND! Can it get any better?

To design your sole mate, you can go here and to learn more about Shoes of Prey, click here

If you design a pair let me know!  I would love to see it :)


Where Do I Shop Besides Anthro?


Working at Anthropologie means that I shop there 24/7 because we generally have to wear their clothes to work; however, that does not mean I only shop at Anthropologie.  Although, most of my wardrobe is made up of Anthro pieces, I still shop at...
1. Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack: Nordstrom has and will always be one of my go-to stores.  I love everything there and often get my shoes/accessories there.

2. Free People: Okay, so it is technically a part of Anthro, but still it is quite different and I really like their shoe selection as well.  Right now, I have my eyes on a pair of slippers from them.

3. Sephora: I only ever wear lipstick, but when I do it is usually from Sephora or Nordstrom.  I hardly ever buy Anthro beauty products even though I have heard they are wonderful. 

So, only three stores, but not completely Anthro right?  What are your favorite stores to shop at? 



Once again, another late post because I have no sense of time and can never seem to make it to sleep at a reasonable hour haha.  Anyway, today, I want to talk about Anthropologie.  Of course, I am biased because I work there, but I must say I love their clothes.  Every piece I own is like a work of art and I know they will stay in my wardrobe for a really long time.

That said, Anthro IS expensive if you aren't getting a discount, however, if you are looking for a good place to find an investment piece, it might just be the store for you.  Earlier this morning I read Jamie's post from the Fashion Newcomer about J.Crew and it really got me thinking about the fashion industry, especially the higher end fashion stores.  I wondered: is Anthro true to its style?  Do people like the store I work for?  My honest opinion, besides the prices, I think people really do like Anthropologie because it is company true to its style and aesthetic.  Even before I worked there, I could justify buying myself a little something nice from Anthro because they have an array of styles and pieces that last for seasons far beyond the time you purchase an item.  

Another thing I have noticed, Anthro is taking over.  I don't know if it is because I work there or what, but I feel like I see more and more people walking around in Anthro clothes and I love it!  The styles are so universal.  Here are a few of my favorites from the #summerinasnap feed at Anthro!

 via Cathy Hoo

Are you an Anthro addict like me?  You can find more great styles here!


My Favorite Lipsticks

A little bit of a late post today as I went to the premiere of Inside Out last night with Abbey-- so good, kind of scary, really emotional, but totally worth going to the midnight premiere after work for!

Anyway, many of you know that I don't really wear makeup with the exception of lipstick, so I thought I would share a few of my favorite brands and colors.

Albeit Lipstick in Peony: A great color for fair skin and lasts for a really long time!
 Chanel Rouge Allure in Etonnante: By far my favorite lipstick ever.  It is exactly like Audrey Hepburn's signature color in Breakfast at Tiffany's and it lasts an entire 6 hour shift at work!
 YSL Rouge Volupte in Opera Rose: A recent purchase and a new favorite.  It doesn't last as long as Chanel, but the color is gorgeous and feels so light on the lips!

What is your favorite lipstick?


It's Tag Sale Time

Anyone who avidly shops Anthropologie knows that the biggest sale of the year is Tag Sale, or so I am told haha.  On Monday I was doing markdowns for the big sale and now it is finally here.  A bunch of stuff is now up to 50% off its original price, which is a great deal for Anthro merchandise.  Here are a few pieces that you don't want to miss out on!

 Lip Tintie $7.95 (originally $14) // T-shirt $39.95 (originally $68) 

 Skirt $59.95 (originally $118) // Dress $119.95 (originally $228)

There are also some great jewelry pieces, shoes, handbags, and tons more clothing on sale as well!  Fair warning though, the site may be experiencing some technical difficulty, as everyone is trying to shop the sale... is Anthro the new Lilly Pulitzer?

Shop the sale here and tell me what your favorites are!



In all honesty, after high school I thought I would be done with backpacks forever, but now, since I am moving to the city, that has changed.  Not only do a lot of New Yorkers own them, but the backpack is coming back into fashion.

This trend could not have arrived at a more perfect time because I think I will need a backpack for New York and there are so many great styles to choose from!  Here area few of my favorites!

You can find a bunch of Herschel backpacks at Nordstrom and several backpacks at Urban Outfitters as well!

Which one do you like best?


June Anthro Edits

If you are an avid Anthro follower, then you know that we just got in a ton of new arrivals.  I was a little concerned about this new line as there wasn't much publicity surrounding it, however, it was not a let down.  There are some really awesome summer pieces and a few great essentials as well.  Here are my June Anthro edits.

The t.la t-shirt is a great essential for any woman and comes in so many different colors.  I love pairing mine with the skirt pictured above and the jeans!  It makes for a great, easy outfit.

I am also a hug fan of the accessories featured this year; tons of great sandals, vintage inspired handbags, and beautiful jewelry!

What are you loving from Anthro this June?


Churchill Downs

During the school year, Seth's little sister won box seats to Churchill Downs so  the whole family went down this Sunday and it was so much fun!  It was really hot too, but nonetheless we had a great time dressing up, betting (and winning nothing haha), and spending time together :)

Aren't girls so cute in their dresses?  They were so excited to dress up and go see the horses.  They also really wanted to wear big hats!

Have you ever been to the Derby?


Summer Blogging Goal

top/skirt/glasses (Anthropologie, similar here)/shoes (Nordstrom Rack, similar here)

Over the weekend, Jamie from The Fashion Newcomer sent out an email about having a big link up sharing our summer blogging goal or goals.  Setting goals is always a good thing to do, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for me to set a goal for my blog.

I originally started my blog as a fashion blog, but lately I think it has come more of an advice blog.  There is no problem with sharing advice-- I'm sure that my readers love that too; however, I miss sharing my outfits.  The only reason I haven't been is because of the time it takes to get pictures taken.  I used to make the time and now I really want to make the time again because I have so many great pieces I want to share with everyone!

So, my goal is share more of my outfits with all of my readers!

What is your summer blogging goal?


Tips on How to Find the Perfect Job

A cup of coffee one of my co-workers and now best friend bought me when I was having a rough day-- she is literally the best!

Unfortunately, finding the perfect job is not easy, but it isn't impossible either.  It just takes a lot of time and testing the waters.  I personally went through this when I was trying to find a job, as I didn't really know what I was looking for.  Unfortunately, my first job was a bust, however, it definitely helped me figure out what I wanted to do-- retail.  Lucky for me, I was able to get a job at Anthropologie, and I am so blessed I did because I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.  Here are a few tips on how you can find your perfect first job!

1. Research: One thing I failed to do when starting to look for a job was research.  I just went for what was available without knowing a lot about what I was getting in to, which ultimately led to me being unhappy.  After that first experience, I knew I really needed to look around and research the job I would be doing.  Overall, I decided that Anthro was a great fit!

2. Hours: A good thing to know going into a job is what hours you will be getting.  You will need a job that works for you because you will want to make money and get the most hours you can, especially if you are going into college and have to pay for a lot of your own things.

3. Get to Know the People: Going into my employment with Anthro, I actually knew quite a few people; not really well, but having shopped the store, I had met the people that worked there and I loved them!  Knowing and getting along with your co-workers is really important to you loving your job, so make an effort to meet some people at your prospective employer.

4. Benefits: This isn't super important to you loving where you work, but it definitely makes the job more enjoyable.  In all honesty, I liked my benefits at theater and I like my benefits at Anthro-- both are awesome!  The one thing I will give Anthro is that, beside the great clothing discount, they make a big deal of helping you build a 401K and getting some sort of insurance, which is great!

5. Do Something You Love: Another mistake I made, not choosing a job I loved.  Working at a movie theater was not something I really found a lot of interest in, but I didn't really think about that going in.  With Anthro, I love retail because I love working with new styles and helping people find clothes, making the job even more enjoyable!

Have you found your perfect job?  What tips do you have to share?


A Few of My Favorite Musical Numbers

In honor of the Tony Awards last night (congratulations to all the winners!!) I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite songs from my favorite musicals.  I'm sure many of you know, but if you don't, I am going to NYU for Theatre, so it might be a good idea if I introduce you to a few pieces I love :)

1. Beautiful (the opening number) from Heathers the Musical: Such a fun piece and probably one of my favorite opening numbers EVER!

2. He Lives in You Reprise from the Lion King: How can anyone not love Lion King?!?  It definitely a crowd favorite and a fun choice for anyone.

3. Welcome to the Renaissance from Something Rotten:  Another great opening number from a great new musical!

4. You're the Top from Anything Goes:  Forever love Sutton Foster.

I've got quite a few more favorites, but I figured these would be a good starting list for my readers!

Are you a musical fan?  What is your favorite?


Prep on a Budget Goes Camping

It is probably fairly easy to tell from my blog that camping isn't my thing.  I love nature, but sleeping outside in nature is another story, plus I am super claustrophobic and am definitely pampered haha.

However, my friends convinced me to go camping and, not only was I the only one old enough to reserve the campsite, but i had a great time.  Getting the chance to bond with my friends was great and we all had such a fun time just hanging out, attempting to cook using a campfire, and running around looking for firewood to even keep the fire alive.  We also had the joy of hearing some animal noise that we think may have been a platypus, but we still have yet to determine. 

Needless to say, I think I will be camping again sometime!

What your camping experiences?  Any fun stories?


A Bike for the City

Now that I found out I will be going to NYC, I am uber excited to get a bicycle to toodle around on while I am at school!  Luckily I got a few Target gift cards, so I plan to use them on a cheap bike.  Here is what I am thinking!

 Isn't she a beaut?  And she is only about $200, which is pretty great for a bike!  If you can't tell I am getting really excited to start life in the city ;) 


Oh My Goodies

About two weeks ago my family and I switched over to Sprint and we got some new iPhones, which was super exciting, but also super stressful because I have heard so many horror stories about people breaking their iPhone sixes.  I am not about to pay $600 for a phone we are leasing for way less than that.

Anyway, none of those horror stories have come true for me-- fingers crossed, knock on wood, et cetera, et cetera.  The positive side of getting a new phone: I love getting a new case.  Ever since working at Anthro, I have been obsessed with the pressed flower cases, but I was not about to drop $40 bucks on a clear plastic case; however, my friend Cassie recommended trying to look on Etsy and she was so right.

Shortly after browsing Etsy, I found these wonderful pressed flower cases that look great and are super affordable.  The shop is called Oh My Goodies (search shopohmygoodies on Etsy to find it) and an iPhone 6 cases costs about $19 not including shipping.

These cases are not only gorgeous, but they are super durable and the shop has great customer service-- you will not be disappointed!

If you are looking for a new phone case, I highly recommend Oh My Goodies!

I'm A Graduate

Wow, it is so weird, exciting, and relieving to say that.  After four years, it is bittersweet leaving high school, but I am definitely excited for the future.  College is going to be wonderful and I cannot wait to start in the fall; however, it was really nice to enjoy my last week as a high-schooler.  Here are some pictures from all the events this weekend!!

 Onli Beverages was kind enough to sponsor my event, which was amazing!  I absolutely love Onli and so did everyone at my party-- they made some pretty awesome soda floats :)

I was also really lucky to receive some awesome graduation ceremony invites from Erisha at A Thing Created.  All of her work is beautiful and I loved being able to write my thank you notes with stationary from her store as well!

On top of that, Danny from Four J's Photography in Cincinnati, created a photo booth for our event and made our grad party invites, which were perfect for our 40s theme!

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend that I will never forget!  Oh and one more reason this weekend was unforgettable... check the picture out below!

 My friend Kayla and I decided we would take a picture with our school names on a sign and, if you can't see it, I am going to NYU!!!  My parents surprised me this past week by saying I would be able to go to my dream school, as my dad was able to work things out so I could still attend and pursue my dream of acting on Broadway.

So, this really was one of the best weeks of my life and I can't thank my family enough for being so wonderful and doing their best to make my dreams come true!

NYC here I come!!


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