Some Super, Amazing, Exciting News

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately, but everything has been so crazy; however, I think I will be able to start getting on more because most everything is all figured out now!  Oh and one little thing more...


I am so excited to share this great news with all of you!  As many of you know, NYU is my dream school and I got accepted into Tisch's Theatre program, which is beyond amazing!  I am hoping everything works out-- we still need to figure out financial aid-- but things are looking up and I have my fingers double crossed!  I will give you more updates when I know about my choice :)

Any exciting news from you lately?  Anyone else find out college decisions?


Target + Lilly Pulitzer

Yesterday, Target released their latest look book for their collaboration with Lilly Pulitzer and it was nothing but amazing.  I am not necessarily a Lilly addict, but I have a few pieces and am really happy to have the chance to add a few more pieces to my collection.  The best thing is, the collaboration is generally affordable, which will be great on my pocket!  Here are a few pieces I love!

You can view the whole look book here!
Some people aren't very happy with the Lilly Pulitzer collection because it is a so-called disgrace to the company, but I think that is far from the case.  The fact that Lilly is trying to reach out to people who can't or don't find the need to purchase a 150 dollar dress is fantastic and will do wonders for the company.  Now people can enjoy the same, fun Lilly prints at a much more reasonable price!  After all, why shouldn't we let everyone enjoy the Lilly party?

Do you like the collaboration?  What are some of your favorite pieces?


All About Hats

The only hat I have ever worn is my Vineyard Vines baseball cap, however, I think working at Anthropologie is changing that.  During the winter months, many of the Anthro girls wore cute, floppy, felt hats, which I loved, but never ended up investing in.  Now that it is spring, floppy hats are back, and I am falling in love.  We have a few styles in the store that I am obsessed with and may end up investing in...

 I absolutely love the bottom two hats!  The one on the right reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys and I love the beachy feel of the hat to the left-- both would be perfect for the spring and summer!

You can find all of Anthro's hats here!

What is your favorite spring hat?  Does anyone else love Anthro's hat selection?


Time to Relax

I am in complete heaven because 1. spring break is next week, 2. college is slowly getting figured out, and 3. I FINISHED THE SRP.  Those four words are music to my ears because now I can kick back and glide through the rest of the school year, which is such a relief.  Some of the things I plan on doing in my free time include:
  • Directing the Junior High Play
  • Shopping 
  • Catching up on my sleep
  • Audrey Hepburn movie marathon-- yep it is definitely happening!
  • Planning some fun date ideas 
  • Figuring out some choral projects 
  • Finding a few books to read
  • Getting some extra hours in at work

Do you go on spring break soon?  What are some of your plans?


Joie Sandals

In the summer, I practically live in sandals, so much so that they tend to wear out really fast.  I bought a pair of Jack Rodgers a few years back (don't get me wrong, they are fantastic shoes), but the rubber sole wore out and now I need some new ones; however, that same summer I bought a pair of Joie sandals, which I am totally in love with that have lasted me for a really long time.

I love Joie for their simple style and for the fact that most of their shoes are made of all leather.  Call me a snob, but I usually won't settle for anything less.  I just love the feel and the quality, and I am more than willing to pay the price for that.  Here are a few pieces from Joie that would be great for your summer vacation!

You can find Joie's complete sandal selection here!  They also have a ton of other great shoes :)

Have you shopped Joie before?  What are your favorite sandals for spring?


Addressing the Issue of Prep

Since the start of my blog, I have gotten a few comments saying that my blog isn't truly preppy and I would like to let people know that I do understand that, but people and their style changes.  

When I started Prep on a Budget a few years ago, I was truly into the Lilly Pulitzer, Preppy Style, but over the years I, and my style, have changed a lot.  I have gotten older and am now an adult, and that style doesn't really fit me anymore.  It's not that it is a bad style.  I totally get it if you love the preppy style because how couldn't you?!?  It is totally fun and young and great!

Getting older for me has meant choosing a more sophisticated style and maybe a little bit of a high-fashion bohemian touch as well (at least that seems to be where my style taste is right now).

That said, my blog will still be Prep on a Budget.  It is what this blog started as, what I have become attached to, and what you and everyone else knows (and hopefully loves haha).


Friday the 13th...

I tell you, I have never had issues with Friday the 13th until this year and man was it weird.  It seems like it was just one thing after another that night that was out of the ordinary, but it was a good night nonetheless haha!
If you know me, then you know I don't go out a whole lot.  I mean I hang out with people, but I'm not super adventurous in my choices.  Going out for me usually means the movies, dinner, or just hanging out at someone's house; however, on Friday I actually went out and it was so much fun!!

A few of my friends and I decided to go bowling, which I haven't done in like four or five years, and I actually didn't do too bad either haha.  It was really just so great to get out with everyone though and I really hope we are able to go out a few more times before we all go off to college next year-- I can't believe I just wrote that, I mean seriously college?!?!

Anyway, sometimes you just need to take a night out with friends to get away from all the stress!

How was your Friday the 13th?


Five on Friday

I haven't featured a five on Friday post in such a long time, so I figured it was time to bring my top five back since this has been such a crazy, rough, yet eventful week!

1. This is old, but it is seriously such a great blog post!  It was written by my friend Maddy for her journalism class blog and I love it!

 2. Now that it is spring-- finally!!-- I am loving the dress selection.  This one and this one are currently my favorites!

3. My school's spring musical is next week and I am so excited!!  I cannot wait to perform... here is the song I am performing-- trust me it isn't how I normally sing ;)  Also, I promise I will post a video of me performing the song sometime.  I feel like I talk about going into musical theatre a lot, but have never shown you guys anything!

4. Cinderella comes out today and I am enchanted by their enchanting trailer.  Seth and I plan on seeing it either this weekend or the week after the musical!

5. Finally, I am obsessing over this pair of wedges from Kate Spade.  Yes, I know I don't need them, but a girl can dream right?

What has made your week?  Any fun weekend plans?


Yosi Samra Sale

All sale items can be found here

I bought my first pair of Yosi Samras before I started work for Anthropologie and they are seriously amazing; so much so that I am thinking of buying another pair for myself (don't worry I am refraining until I can save up more money haha).

Well, right now, Yosi Samra is offering 25% off their sale items and they have some really great foldable flats available.  I personally love the chili red pair and the light pink pair-- they would be perfect additions to my work wardrobe!

Do you own a pair of Yosi Samras?  What do you think?


My Favorite Colors for Spring

Spring is finally here in Cincinnati and I couldn't be more happy.  It is so nice to ditch my winter coat and begin to wear sandals and, dare I say, shorts!  Anyway, this weather is so nice and it is great to know that spring and warmer weather is headed my way.  With that warmer come some wonderful new hues, which I can't wait to wear!  Here are a few of my favorite spring colors!

Light Blue: Swing Dress/Shiloh Top (a fun twist on the classic navy and white striped tee!)

Anthro is really focused on lighter, neutral colors for spring, so I have been obsessing over all the wonderful whites and tans we have in store.  I am especially happy with the Lace dress featured above and the fun take on the classic striped shirt-- I own it and I love it so much!

What colors are you loving for spring?  Anyone else super excited spring is coming?



SRP (AKA the Bain of My Existance)

Some of you may have been wondering why I broke my daily posting schedule.  One acronym is the cause of this, SRP, or the Senior Research Paper.  Every year at my school we have to write a research paper, but this one has been so difficult.  I don't know if it is what I chose or the theme I chose to point out, but I have been struggling from day one .

For this paper, we have to read a novel (or what I did-- read two play scripts) and analyze the author and the novel as they relate to one theme found in the book.  I chose to read The Odd Couple and The Odd Couple: Female Version by Neil Simon, which are great scripts, but there isn't a whole lot out there on Simon or his works.  This is most likely due to the fact that he isn't dead and he writes comedy, which so many people take purely for entertainment value and not for actual content.  I, however, feel that Simon might have been trying to get to a deeper meaning.

So, here I go on my one woman journey to be one of the first people to critically analyze Neil Simon's Odd Couples haha.  Wish me luck!  I will try to post as often as I can :)

Did you have to write an SRP?  How did you make it through?



I feel like I very rarely share what I actually do when I'm not blogging.  If I'm being honest, I don't do much.  Occasionally, I will have work and I generally have musical/vocal practice, but one thing you can count on finding me doing to relax-- Supernatural.

I started watching the show Supernatural about two months ago and I have become completely obsessed.  I know it is kind of a cheesy show, but the story line just gets you hooked after you've watched the first few episodes; oh and I love Dean (sorry Seth).

Anyway, I don't watch TV often, but it is such a great way to relax, especially with all the stress I have had lately.  I can't wait till I know which college I am going to, till I have my research paper done, and till the musical is over.  Once I get all of that past me, everything will be a lot better, but for now, I am sticking with Supernatural haha.

Is there a show that helps you de-stress?  Anyone else a fan of Supernatural?


Jo Malone Fragrance

I love perfume and I love a really good perfume-- Jo Malone is just that!  I originally heard about their company over the holiday season when a man came into Anthro and he was carrying a little cream and black bag with a red bow.  It looked so cute and I had seen the brand before, but never really knew much about it, so I asked him.  He told me that it was the only perfume his wife would use, thus a great holiday gift haha, and that he really liked the way it smelled.  It also mentioned that the perfume was made from all natural oils, which makes a huge difference in the scent quality. 

So, flash forward a month later to my trip to NYC.  I wanted to try the perfume, but just never had the time to make it in and figure out what scent I liked best.  To my luck, however, Grand Central Station has a little Jo Malone shop and I fell in love with their Peony and Blush Suede cologne; so much so that I finally ended up buying my own bottle!

The great thing about Jo Malone is that the scent lasts all day.  I don't think I have ever had a perfume do that.  Also, you can layer the scents to create something that is uniquely you, which my mom loves to do.  Speaking of which, my mom is super allergic to all the other perfumes she has tried, but, she is able to wear Jo Malone with no problems whatsoever-- pretty great right?

Have you ever tried Jo Malone?  What is your favorite scent?


March Anthropologie Favorites

It's that time of the month again-- time to share my favorite Anthro finds for March!  I must say, this is probably my favorite round of new arrivals so far.  Everything is so nice, airy, light, and perfect for spring.  I am loving all of the whites, light blues, and florals... oh and I can't forget to mention all the great rompers and jumpsuits!
White Lace Dress/Floral Silk Dress/Jumpsuit/Swimsuit/Strappy Heels/Blue Heels/White T-shirt Dress

There are so many items that are similar to the white t-shirt dress pictured on the bottom right and I am not complaining.  Simple pieces like these are perfect for spring and perfect for wardrobe essentials since you can get a lot of use out of them!

I actually ordered the jumpsuit in the top right corner, which is something I would normally never go for, but I thought it would be a fun style to try out!  Now I just need to wait to get it in the mail and hope it fits okay haha!

Any Anthro favorites you have?  What trends are you looking forward to this spring?


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