Graduation Thoughts

I know I said I wouldn't post until Monday, but I am just bubbling over with excitement right now.  It is so surreal to see my future unfolding in front of me as I make my way towards college next year-- thoughts on that coming Monday or Tuesday.  

That said, this week has been insane, thus why I haven't been able to post.  I had so much going on with grad party planning, work, and graduation, so I just never got the time to sit down and write.  But now, everything feels like it is falling into place for me and I can't wait to see what the future holds.  

Wish me luck as I walk in my graduation ceremony in, oh, less than two hours!!


It's Allergy Season

Normally, I never have too much of an issue with allergies, but this year, man oh man.  I have been sneezy, congested, and can't sleep at all.  On top of that, I got a bit of a cold too and it is awful.

Since I have never really had allergies before, I was wondering, what do you suggest?  I have tried DayQuil, Mucinex, and everything in between.  The only pill that really does work is this over the counter decongestint that I have a prescription, but it doesn't get rid of the watery eyes or the sneezing :(

So, what do you do for allergies?



The other day, I was returning a few items at Nordstrom and I saw this little card on the counter...

I picked one up and read it, and I cannot explain how excited I am for this event.  On May 21st (this Thursday) Toms will be hosting an Instagram event in which Instagrammers will take a photo of their bare feet with the hashtag, withoutshoes.  Anyone can join and for each photo taken, Toms will give one pair of shoes to a child in need.

I will most definitely be participating in this event and I hope you will too!!  To learn more about the event follow this link to the Toms website! 


May Anthro Edits

This month, we have so many new arrivals in the store and I love all of them;  especially, the lemon top printed below.  It is sold out like everywhere and will be coming back online pretty soon, however, I was lucky because the store I work at had quite a few, so I was able to snatch one up.

Here are a few other pieces from Anthro that are getting me excited for May!

tassled shirt/tied silk dress/lemon top/tie-front dress/crossbody bag/moonstone earrings/sandals/seashell compact

Isn't the silk dress so pretty?  I think I may be wearing it to... the Smart Girls Conference this summer!!!  I cannot wait to be back again and see everyone.  I know it will be great :)

What are you loving this May?  Anyone else going to the NYC SGG Conference? 


Grad Gifts for the Guys

As if finding gifts for your girls wasn't hard enough, add boys on and everything is more difficult.  I have no problem finding things Seth would like, but not every boy is Seth, which complicates everything.  If you are struggling to find the perfect gifts for guys, here some options that are sure to be a hit!

Gift Cards: They are lifesavers, seriously.  They are great for college, super easy to get, and something no can complain over.

Music Accessories: Most boys I know love music and they would love a new set of headphones to listen with or even a portable speaker system to use in college.

Tech Stuff: Going along with the tech theme, a lot of boys really like tech accessories as well.  Even something as simple as flash drive makes a great and useful grad gift.

Watch: For the great friend or a boyfriend, a watch is a wonderful gift.  It is a little more expensive, a little more personal, and super useful for college.  I know I love having a watch to check the time!

What are you getting for the guys?


Why Every Woman Should Have a Jean Jacket

Jean Jackets were not my thing.  My mom always wore one and I just thought they looked odd because I never knew what to wear them with, as it looks really awkward to wear denim on denim in my opinion.  But, fashion changes and so does our style, and now, I don't know why someone wouldn't own a jean jacket.

You know that post last week about finding the one piece that was essential to your wardrobe?  Well, other than a good tee, I think every woman should own a jean jacket and here's why. 

1. They are super comfortable: I wear mine all the time and find that it is one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing I own.  It isn't too light or too heavy, and, is perfect for spring and summer.

2. They are machine washable: Working at Anthro means lots of high end clothing at bargain prices (seriously, the only place I shop anymore); however, that usually means most of the pieces are dry clean only.  Now, that isn't the end of the world, as it is very easy to go months without dry cleaning a dress or coat, but it can be really expensive.  My jean jacket is one thing I know I can wash and I love that!

3. They go with everything: Other than my issue with denim on denim that is haha; but if you choose a white jean jacket, you can wear it with denim.  Granted, it will get dirtier faster than a regular blue denim jacket, but that is why being machine washable is a wonderful thing.  Also, they are so easy to dress up or dress down, an essential to any on-the-go woman's wardrobe.

4. They will NEVER go out of style: Since their beginning, jean jackets have been crazy popular.  There are very few people I know who don't own one, including my mater.  They are just an essential piece of clothing that I don't see leaving us anytime soon. 

Do you own a jean jacket?  How do you style it? 


Grad Gifts for the Girls

I was hoping to have had this up yesterday, but because of the AP English Literature and Comp exam, I just decided to hit the hay early; so, here is a grad gift guide for all of your girls!  I know I always have trouble finding inspiration for gifts, so hopefully this will help you out too :)

I know I would love a gift card to Whole Foods.  It is my favorite place to go grocery shopping and having a little extra dough to spend on food for the first semester would be wonderful. 

I also love little gifts like stationary, notepads, to-do lists etc.  I always find some sore of use for them and in college they are a definite must.

Lastly, I want to mention the watch from Jord again.  It is definitely an investment piece, but a watch is such a great gift for anyone going of to college.  It is so personal and perfect for that friend you are super close with or, I'm looking at the parents, for your daughter/son :)

What are your picks for grad gifts?



I never thought I would be a watch girl until I actually needed one.  When Seth bought me my birthday watch I couldn't have been happier and now I have a new goodie to add to my collection- the Jord Ely watch!

Jord watches are seriously so cool! They are very light, so they do not weigh on your wrist whatsoever and there isn't an outfit they don't go with; who doesn't need something like that in their life??

Another cool thing about Jord-- all of their watches are made of wood, which makes for a natural look and feel to your wardrobe.  You can shop all of Jord's watches here or by using the widget below!

Womens Wooden Watches



Soludos is arguably one of the best espadrille brands out there and I am sold.  A few of my co-workers own some and they love them!  They are super comfy, cute, and an all-around great shoe for the spring and summer.

I, however, have yet to own a pair and I know they will be my next shoe investment.  Lucky for me, Anthro sells a few pairs that I can get with my discount, or I may get a pair from Nordstrom with a gift card.  Here are a few styles I really like!

You can find all of these styles at Nordstrom and few Soludos styles at Anthropologie!

Are you a fan of espadrilles?  Have you tried out Soludos?


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