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Over the past few months I have been helping the wonderful Majda who blogs over at Classy State of Mind.  She is such a great writer and has an amazing sense of style, as well as an amazing personality!  When she asked me if I wanted to collaborate with her I couldn't pass up the offer!

For this collaboration, Majda and I came up with some Q and A for each other!  You can check out my answers on her blog! 

Heels or Flats?
More than anything, I prefer to be barefoot!  When I'm running around, flats and when I'm feeling a little down or going out I wear my highest heels. 

Quirkiest Habit
I love pretending to take selfies in public.  I mean the crazy peace sign, duck face fiasco going on.  It's always so interesting to see how people respond or react to crazies in real life.  I'm not joking

One Person You Want to Meet- Alive or Dead
From reading autobiographies, Audrey Hepburn has always struck me as an admirable woman. She maintains a honest, proud, positive attitude in any situation
Book You are Reading
The book I’m currently reading is my psychology textbook (Psychology Core Concepts: 7th Edition). Currently, juggling honors college classes and other time-consuming hobbies is a pain. I love reading the New York Times and blogs in my free time!

Favorite Movie
The Royal Tenenbaums by Wes Anderson is a work of art. I never tire of the simple, classic style of his films and Wes Anderson's pristine, symmetric shots. 

Favorite Beauty Product
Mascara is the first beauty product I started using in middle school, and while I may not wear it everyday like I used to (thank god!), it's still my go-to for makeup. I also love Benefit's golden bronze highlighter. It looks natural and gives a nice glow to leave me smiling a little brighter!

Best Piece of Advice
"There comes a time in your life when you focus solely on what you believe is right, regardless of what everybody else is doing." Alexander McQueen said it all with this quote. No matter what, stay true and proud to you and your beliefs.

What is your favorite book you have ever read?
There are those books you read and move on and then there are those books you feel and love and grow with. This summer I had the time to finally devour Grace: A Memoir. The memoir was fashion-related but also brought so many more aspects into the content. I was happy to learn more about myself and who I aim to be while reading. 

Why did you start blogging?
I've always had this urge to read, write, create and explore. I grew up learning new languages (I lived in 3 different countries before I turned six) and reading became my method of escape. In addition, I spent years exploring myself through my years creating art, meeting new people, and finding myself through style and communication. I think starting a blog just seemed right at this point in my life. There's so much to experience and share in every form of life and I can't help but feel I was destined to read, write, create and explore with others.

Favorite TV Show
I remember watching the pilot episode of Gossip Girl in sixth grade. I think it really hit me then-I love fashion and I yearn to live in the “Big Apple.” That same year, I signed up to get newsletters from NYU and became devoted watcher of what I continue to call: the best show on Earth. I swear to this day, the show changed with me.   

I would just like to thank Majda for doing this collaboration with me; You definitely need to check out her blog because it is absolutely wonderful!  Love you Majda :) 


  1. Such a fun Q&A. I love both of your blogs so much! What a great collaboration :)

    Nicole, keepcalmandcocoon.com

  2. This was a really cute idea for the two of you to do Q&As on each other's blogs. I love learning more about both of you!

    Argyle Girl | thegirlintheargylesweater.blogspot.com

  3. This is such a great idea! I love it!


  4. What a fun blog post, loved learning more about Majda!

  5. This is a cool collab. I love this idea! Great way to learn about someone! Gret post.
    Kolbi | Life With Kolbi

  6. This is such a great idea for a blog post, love it and Majda's blog!

    Ashley | History in High Heels

  7. love this post! its always nice to get to know other bloggers and I definitely am guilty of public selfies!
    M. from The Preppy Student

  8. Love this post - Q&A's are always so fun to read!<3


  9. Love the collaboration. The Alexander McQueen quote is a favorite! Wishing that we all could be fluent in multiple languages. What an asset!
    gameday dresses

    1. Thanks Linda-I wish I could say I did it out of sheer curiosity! I feel like it more so came to be because of my history! Thanks for reading!



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