Grad Gifts for the Girls

I was hoping to have had this up yesterday, but because of the AP English Literature and Comp exam, I just decided to hit the hay early; so, here is a grad gift guide for all of your girls!  I know I always have trouble finding inspiration for gifts, so hopefully this will help you out too :)

I know I would love a gift card to Whole Foods.  It is my favorite place to go grocery shopping and having a little extra dough to spend on food for the first semester would be wonderful. 

I also love little gifts like stationary, notepads, to-do lists etc.  I always find some sore of use for them and in college they are a definite must.

Lastly, I want to mention the watch from Jord again.  It is definitely an investment piece, but a watch is such a great gift for anyone going of to college.  It is so personal and perfect for that friend you are super close with or, I'm looking at the parents, for your daughter/son :)

What are your picks for grad gifts?

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