Grad Gifts for the Guys

As if finding gifts for your girls wasn't hard enough, add boys on and everything is more difficult.  I have no problem finding things Seth would like, but not every boy is Seth, which complicates everything.  If you are struggling to find the perfect gifts for guys, here some options that are sure to be a hit!

Gift Cards: They are lifesavers, seriously.  They are great for college, super easy to get, and something no can complain over.

Music Accessories: Most boys I know love music and they would love a new set of headphones to listen with or even a portable speaker system to use in college.

Tech Stuff: Going along with the tech theme, a lot of boys really like tech accessories as well.  Even something as simple as flash drive makes a great and useful grad gift.

Watch: For the great friend or a boyfriend, a watch is a wonderful gift.  It is a little more expensive, a little more personal, and super useful for college.  I know I love having a watch to check the time!

What are you getting for the guys?

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