Why Every Woman Should Have a Jean Jacket

Jean Jackets were not my thing.  My mom always wore one and I just thought they looked odd because I never knew what to wear them with, as it looks really awkward to wear denim on denim in my opinion.  But, fashion changes and so does our style, and now, I don't know why someone wouldn't own a jean jacket.

You know that post last week about finding the one piece that was essential to your wardrobe?  Well, other than a good tee, I think every woman should own a jean jacket and here's why. 

1. They are super comfortable: I wear mine all the time and find that it is one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing I own.  It isn't too light or too heavy, and, is perfect for spring and summer.

2. They are machine washable: Working at Anthro means lots of high end clothing at bargain prices (seriously, the only place I shop anymore); however, that usually means most of the pieces are dry clean only.  Now, that isn't the end of the world, as it is very easy to go months without dry cleaning a dress or coat, but it can be really expensive.  My jean jacket is one thing I know I can wash and I love that!

3. They go with everything: Other than my issue with denim on denim that is haha; but if you choose a white jean jacket, you can wear it with denim.  Granted, it will get dirtier faster than a regular blue denim jacket, but that is why being machine washable is a wonderful thing.  Also, they are so easy to dress up or dress down, an essential to any on-the-go woman's wardrobe.

4. They will NEVER go out of style: Since their beginning, jean jackets have been crazy popular.  There are very few people I know who don't own one, including my mater.  They are just an essential piece of clothing that I don't see leaving us anytime soon. 

Do you own a jean jacket?  How do you style it? 

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