My Favorite Coffee Shop in NYC

Being in NYC, I have a new appreciation for coffee.  I hardly ever go a day without it and I love exploring the city for new coffee places.  I am also rather lucky because there are so many coffee shops in the Greenwich Village area, but one is my favorite above all others: Le Café Coffee. 

Le Café Coffee makes the best coffee.  Ever.  Every cup is brewed to perfection and there is a taste of love in every sip.  My particular favorite is their Lavender Latte, as it reminds me of Sleepy Bee (the best brunch place in Cinci).  It is so nice to have a little comfort of home in the big city.

Another reason I am a huge supporter of Le Café Coffee: they are all organic and devoted to keeping it that way.  It makes the experience that much more enjoyable and keeps me coming back for my favorite cup of coffee.

Anyone else tried Le Café Coffee?  What is your favorite coffee shop?


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