A List of Documentaries You Need to See

Hey guys!!  Sorry it has been forever since I posted, but everything has been so busy since school started (more updates on that later).  For now though, here is a list of documentaries if you are looking for something to fill your free time... oh yeah and they are all on Netflix ;)

1. The True Cost: I know I mentioned this a few weeks back, but seriously it is such a good documentary and it will totally blow your mind!  I have completely rethought how I am living my life because of this docu.

2. A Place at the Table: Another mind blowing documentary that will open you up to the food insecurity so many people are facing in America.  This is a really big issue that I feel isn't talked about enough, so I give props to this docu for bringing the issue to the conversation.

3. Living on One Dollar: This is such a heartwarming docu that gives a really great inside view on what it is like living in a developing country.  You will fall in love with the four friends as they live in Guatemala for 8 weeks never knowing what the next day will bring.

4. Vegucated: I only recommend this one for those who are truly brave.  Vegucated is the documentary that made me become a vegetarian.  They show a lot of the abuse and problems within America's agriculture industry and it is honestly terrifying.

5. Cowspiracy: The title is a little cheesy, but the content is super fascinating.  This docu offers a whole new look on the global warming issue that I really liked hearing about!

If you couldn't tell, I am a bit of an environmental activist, but trust me, these are great documentaries.  The only one I was a bit iffy on recommending was Vegucated because I had a lot of trouble getting through it.  I remember I actually called Seth crying the night I watched it because it shook me up so much.

What are some documentaries you have been watching lately?  Any I should check out?

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