An Email Subscription You Need

Okay a short post today because I just got back into classes, but I have an email subscription I think you all need to be a part of.  Along with my journey of finding a sustainable, fair trade life, I have been unsubscribing from a lot of emails.  Most of this has to do with the fact that there are a lot companies I won't be buying from anymore, but also because I was getting mass dumps of emails everyday.  It was getting frustrating to sort through everything and I really hated the advertising I was being bombarded with.

That said, there are a few places I still subscribe to and one of those is called The Good Trade-- a website devoted to finding ethical brands and sharing those brands with consumers.  I happened upon it when I was searching for fair trade clothing stores and it was the first sight to pop up.  I decided to sign up for emails and I love every one I get.  The articles are really fascinating and great to read!

You can find out more about The Good Trade here!

What email subscriptions do you subscribe?  Is anyone else joining me on my journey?

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