Every Girl Should...

While shopping at Charming Charlies--I highly recommend by the way-- my friend and I came across a crown rack.  I was so excited because a) what girl doesn't love a tiara and b) these were legit tiaras!  Of course I ended up buying one and this got me thinking... Every girl should feel like a princess.  Scratch that, every girl deserves to feel like a princess. 

And I don't mean just in the sense of a relationship, I mean in life.  I feel like we often undervalue ourselves and how truly special we are.  Each one of us is unique, which is something we should honor.  We should allow ourselves to feel like princesses all the time because that is what we are: each a unique princess.  So, whether that means getting a little treat, splurging, or just taking the time to relax, make sure you are the princess you deserve to be :)


  1. Oh gosh, I want a tiara! I would be totally excited to stumble upon a rack of them too.

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  2. Great post! I 100% agree!

  3. Lovely! I have a tiara that I have got last year from Disney World. Every woman needs a tiara!

  4. So true Hunter. I think it's important for every girl to truly believe they deserve the best. Side note: I love Charming Charlies too!

  5. I love this post! I was only talking the other day about my the tiara that I bought for my 16th birthday - I can't wait to wear it again for my 21st! I wish I could wear it everyday :P

    The Life & Times of Belle



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