In a Funk

I was originally going to post a group of weekend links, but I decided against it because I really want to address the funk I have been in lately.  I keep telling myself it is just getting back into the swing of things from spring break; however, I can' seem to get back on track.  Everything is becoming too much of a job, but I am realizing I can't let that happen, especially with the blog.  I remember Carly Heitlinger saying something along the lines of "not letting your writing become a job".  That is what I am doing to myself: writing because I feel I have to write, which is not how it should be

Now that I am realizing what I have been doing to myself, I feel a lot better.  I feel like I can have a fresh start on my blog and get back to writing because I love to write.  I look forward to bringing you a lot of more fun and more "me" posts instead of the bland writing I have had the past few weeks.  Here's to getting out of the "funk"! 

Have you ever felt like this?  Any coping advice?



  1. This is such a hard problem to get around! I find I have to force myself to take breaks from my blog (be is 2 hours of no phone checking for a dinner, or a whole uninterrupted weekend) or I get just.... overdone. I looks forward to you enjoying your posts agian!

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  2. Sometimes you just have to take a little break. Eventually, you'll get inspiration from having other experiences!

  3. I've been off since classes started back in september. We're in the final stretch now, with exams next week. I just feel like I can't stay motivated to finish any tasks lately. Hopefully the warm weather and sun will snap up out of the winter blues!


  4. I tend to go too far with this...taking too much of a break and then not getting back to my blog for three months. :( I wish I could find a happy medium. I think of all these great posts, but I never get around to writing them. The thing is, I LOVE blogging! I feel like I should set up some sort of posting schedule, but then again, I'm worried that it will really feel like a job. :/

    I love your blog though! Being preppy on a budget is definitely something that takes skill, and I admire you for that! You're so much help for another college kid on a budget. :)

  5. Think about the things that got you inspired to start this blog in the first place, see if they still inspire you. If not, take a step back and reflect on who you are now and what inspires you today. You may have changed from the person who started this blog and its important that your writing and blog changes with you! It won't feel natural if it doesn't!



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