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I am so excited to be bringing this fun #backtobeauty linkup to you today!  Victoria and I have been working on getting this setup over the past couple of months and now it is finally here!  I hope you will add your link in belowHere are my answers and favorite beauty products.

Q. What is your favorite beauty product?
A. Right now, I am loving L'oreal lipsticks.  They come in so many different colors, are super affordable, and feel great!  My current favorite color is I Pink You're Cute.

Q. What kind of look do you like to achieve with your makeup?
A. I always go for a super natural look, so I don't really wear that much makeup.  I usually opt for a light layer of foundation and some mascara.

Q. Which products do you use for your everyday look?
A. I use CoverGirl foundation to coverup any red spots, Clinique mascara, and usually a lipstick of some sort.

Q. What do you like about those products?
A. For the most part, I like that they are all simple ways to step up my look.  I also like that the mascara isn't waterproof!

Q. What's your favorite makeup brand?
A. This is really difficult haha, but I would say that I love Dior and Yves Saint Laurent.  They are definitely luxuries, but they have such great products!

Q. Tell us why we should get your favorite product now?
A. Hmmm, why get L'oreal lipstick... I guess I would have to say they are inexpensive, but still super great for anyone's collection!

If you are participating make sure you post your link below!  Also, check out some of the other links as well.  They are all great :)


  1. Your bright lipstick always looks great on you Hunter!



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