My Favorite Books

Since I am almost done with high school (I honestly can't believe I'm a senior!!) I thought I would share my favorite reads.  Honestly, some of the books I have read for school have been so life changing and I will be reading some again down the road.  So, here are a few of my favorites!

1. The Poisonwood Bible: This is such a great novel!  It is super long, but the author has great points that she makes on many topics throughout the book, including women's rights.  Yay for feminism!  I also think Kingsolver is a great storyteller.  Every detail is described so beautifully and I seriously love taking it all in.

2. A Farewell to Arms: I was never a huge Hemingway fan till I read this book.  I think the story is great and there is a lot of symbolism, which is really fun to point out.  It is also a love story, so I was automatically hooked haha!

3. The Bean Trees: Another Kingsolver read, this book is great.  Kingsolver talks a lot about women's rights in this novel and it is another great, descriptive story.

4. Pride and Prejudice: Jane Austen is such a classic author and this is, by far, my favorite book of hers.  I really relate to the protagonist, Elizabeth.  Honestly, she has the same personality as me and I completely see my life being that way.  

5. Native Son: Definitely different from all the other books I have listed above, but definitely just as good.  This story centers around the issue with racism in Chicago and racism as a whole.  It is a story of fighting for rights that should be given to everyone and has such a deep moral meaning!

What are some of your high school reads?



  1. Such worthwhile and poignant books, Hunter. A good list. Hemingway is a toughie for me, also. Have you rad A Moveable Feast? R.

  2. I was a big fan of the Crucible when I was a student!

  3. I loved Gatsby - I know it is such a cliche answer but I really liked the book itself and the way that my teacher presented all the material, etc. Loved this post!
    xoxo, Jamie



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