Dorm Favorites by Natalie

Hi Prep On A Budget Readers!

My name is Natalie and I blog over at The PDX Prepster, Its nice to meet you all via this guest post. Hunter is one of my favorite people ; )

But enough about me, you probably want to know what qualifies me to give advice about dorm living. Well I spent this past year living in a shoebox. The tiniest of tiny dorm rooms, and had to make the absolute most out of my space. Funny how an apartment can feel like such a palace when just 3 months ago my "kitchen" was in my office that was below my bed. You get the idea, here were 4 little dorm things that helped me get through my year. 

1. An area rug- Ultimate necessity if you want your dorm room to feel more like home. Dorm floors are usually cold and hard. Do your self a huge favor and grab yourself an area rug. Your mornings will go 100% better.

**Split the cost of an area rug and other large items with your roommate to slim down on spending, allows you to splurge on other dorm goodies!** 

2. A few dishes- People will often say bring paper plates instead or don't bring anything at all but I found that a mug or two and a few utensils didn't hurt. I was always very popular when a pizza was delivered due to the fact that I had plates.  #win

3. Jars, bins and containers- You don't have a ton of space to work with, any little thing with storage will help you store all the extras. Bobby pins, nail polish, cotton balls, Chapstick, earrings, rings, headphones. All of these things need a place to go so think about what you can use to store them.

4. A Keurig- Or any coffee maker really. My Keurig not only saved me money (I'm an avid latte connoisseur) but it saved me time. Running late to class? Brewed my own coffee and took it to go. Stuck in a snowstorm with my friends? Instant hot cocoa bar. Working late at my desk? Decaf brewed in 5 minutes. So so helpful.

Best of luck with the new school year! 



  1. I love all your picks! I feel like dorm decor has gotten so much cuter since I was in college just a few years ago!


  2. I totally agree with all of these picks, also it never hurts to have plastic ware and paper plates handy for those days you just don't feel like doing dishes!



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