This start to the school year, as most of you know, has been really crazy for me, but I think I am finally getting settled in.  My classes are becoming more of a routine and my SAT studying is close to it's end-- I take the test in a few weeks, so fingers crossed I do better this time around.  Falling into a routine has made everything so much easier.  The only thing I am still getting the hang of is timing out my homework, blog, clubs, and SAT studying perfectly.

Sometimes it doesn't work out, but I am slowly getting a better estimate of how much time I should be spending, and on what.  So far blogging has gotten better because I have been able to block out time before I go to bed to write, but I definitely need to get more inspiration; and I now know when I have time and when I don't to do homework throughout the day, so I know how early I should be getting assignments done.  It is honestly so relieving to have most everything figured out!

So, that is a little update on how school has been going for me; hopefully it will stay this organized!

Do any of you have something you want me to write about?  How do you keep track of your time?



  1. Something I do to keep track of my time is set the timer on my phone and say to myself "Okay, when this goes off, I am going to close the book on this." Make sure you set the timer for an ample amount of time, and then it's the key to success and creates a worry-free, productive environment! Hope you have a relaxing weekend. :) Xo, Alison


  2. Love your glasses! And I agree it's so much easier to have a routine!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  3. I think fall allows me to be more organized, because there is always so much going on in the summer. Good luck on the SATs, they're kind of a pain in the butt to take but once they're over you will feel so relieved!

  4. Good luck with your SAT studying! I'm sure you will do awesome! It was always important for me to have a clean space to study in, clutter free area clutter free mind!!


    Dimples of Dixie



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