Topshop Homecoming

TopShop Homecoming

In the past couple of months, I have noticed Topshop popping up a lot more, especially in the dress category.  What is great about Topshop is that they have pretty affordable dresses that are perfect for homecoming.  The other great thing, you can definitely use them again and again.  
I personally love the baby blue shift dress I found on their site.  It would be a great homecoming dress, but is still casual enough that I can get lots of use out of it later.  The floral peplum is a little fancier, but another great option for homecoming!
What do you think about Topshop for homecoming?


  1. This post makes me miss the high school homecoming dances, you're making me nostalgic Hunter!

  2. When I was looking for homecoming dresses I found so many cute ones from Topshop! They have such a variety that it's easy to find so many cute things! Love this post Hunter!

    Xo, Katelyn // asprinkleofkate.blogspot.com

  3. The navy and the pink one would be great for a homecoming dance! I'm like Alex, this post is making me miss high school!


  4. I think the powder blue dress would look flawless on you! Keep us updated on which you choose :)

    xo Ani @ the ani project



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