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It is getting to be that time of the year when my skin starts drying out, and I hate it.  Yesterday when I washed my face I felt several really dry spots, so I knew it was time to break out the winter skincare routine.  I don't know about you, but my skin gets really dry in the winter, which causes me to break out worse than the summer.  Breakouts are not fun (I mean who thinks they are really haha), so I try to keep my whole body super hydrated in the winter.  Here is my dry skin routine!

The three products I absolutely recommend are Clinque's gentle face wash, their dramatically different moisturizing face lotion, and Crabtree and Evelyn's hand thearapy.  Each of these work like a charm and really help keep my skin form getting dry!

What do you use to stay hydrated in the winter?  Anything I should try?



  1. My skin get so dry in the winter too!! I recently started using Hope in a Jar ... it's pricey but I've heard good things about it so we'll see! Clinique is great too.



  2. I love the Clinique products and chapstick is a must for me!


  3. It's definitely a different type of moisturizing to take care of winter skin vs. summer skin. Lately my face has been really dry so I need to check out the products you discussed.

  4. I've always heard that eye creams are something you should start incorporating into your routine during your twenties. The area around my eyes get to be pretty dry and the Mario Badesqu Hydraulic eye cream is literally my holy grail! If you ever have this issue I would definitely check it out!

    Pick Your Beau

  5. I'm addicted to my EOS for all day moisture on my lips & before bed & then again when I get up in the morning I use "Yes to Carrots" moisturizer from Target-it makes my face so smooth & soft!

    xoxo, SS


  6. Eucerin lotion is my favorite for dry skin, it doesn't have any fragrance so I usually mix a drop or two of bath and body works lotion with it! :) Dry skin makes me itchy so I swear by it in the winter!!


    Dimples of Dixie

  7. Keeping hydrated in the winter is key - so I drink tons of water to my skin happy. And lip balm is absolutely essential!

    Mina | Cream Coloured Ponies



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