Top Favorite Brands

It's no surprise that I love to shop haha, but there are definitely a few brands that I have stayed true to over the years.

1. Nordstrom Rack: I love this store.  I always find such great deals and everything lasts forever.  Some of my favorite purchases include my Badgley Mischka shoes, my Michael Kors trench, and a fantastic navy blue cashmere sweater!

2. J.Crew Factory: Finally there is one coming in closer to me, that way I won't have to order online, but this is such a fantastic store.  The best thing about J.Crew Factory is that most of their products are from previous seasons; however, they are just as good quality as a piece from J.Crew for a much lower price.

3. Anthropologie: For the most part, I try to stray from more expensive clothing (just because I never have the money haha), but I always find myself pulled into Anthropologie.  The store smells so great and I always leave with something, even if it is just a little thing.  My most recent purchase was this dress and I cannot wait to wear it!

4. Kate Spade: Kate Spade is definitely an investment brand, but it is worth it.  I own a couple of bags from Kate Spade and both have become such great closet essentials.  I can't wait for their spring collection to come out because I want to look into purchasing their fun heart tote!

What are your favorite brands?  Any stores I should check out?



  1. Yes to all of these! I have to admit I am a little bit of an Anthropologie junkie...


  2. I'm so excited to be getting a Nordstrom Rack in my area next fall, I've been waiting for one for years!

  3. YES! Love all of these! Especially Anthropologie. Just wish I had more money to spend there haha :)


  4. These are my four favorite brands too! They are all so cute yet different, which is why I love them!




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