Some Halloween Options

I was going to write a really deep post today, but that is for another time haha; instead, I thought I would do a quick write up on a few Halloween costume ideas I have for this year!

First of all, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays (Christmas, however, is my absolute favorite holiday).  I love being able to dress up and go out with my friends!  This year will be especially fun because it is my first college Halloween and we are dressing up for studio!! So, here are a few of my costume ideas for this year's Halloween. 

1940's Pin Up Girl

Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas

The Classic Black Cat


Currently, I am trying to pull the 1940s Pin Up Girl costume together, but if it doesn't fall through, I always have Sally or the Black Cat to fall back on-- also great costume choices!

What are you thinking of going as for Halloween? 

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