October Anthro Edits

To be completely honest, I have not been readily jumping on board with the new trends this fall.  I am not a big 70s fan, so I don't love all the leather, denim minis, or the Woodstock style pieces.  However, I am really happy with Anthro because they have stayed true to their aesthetic while also adding some trendier pieces for fall!

dark green turtle neck/scalloped-back dress/wool mini skirt/red vegan leather mini skirt/plum turtleneck/floral coat/mary janes (honestly, I would never be able to afford these, but if someway by God I could, they would be mine)/fox tights/maroon hat/faux fur snood

One piece I must highlight is the floral trench-- it is perfectly fall with a little bit of a 70s twist and I love it.  I probably won't buy it because, after all, I am taking a break from buying, but I can dream right?

I may, however, have to purchase a few warm weather pieces from Anthro because wow does it get cold here!  The tights are a must and I am highly considering the fur snood-- so cute, fashionable, and warm.  
Also, I am loving all the turtlenecks!  Warmth and fashion-- count me in!

What are you loving this fall?  Thoughts on the 70s trend? 

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