My Favorite, French Bulldogs

Recently, I have had such an obsession with French Bulldogs.  I saw so many of them in NYC and I just can't get over how cute they are!  I already have a dog and cat, so I would probably get a French Bulldog as my first pet when I'm out of college.  I think they are the perfect dog for first time owners, simply based off of the fact that they are small, loyal, and manageable.  The one thing that can be difficult about French Bulldogs is their breathing issues and they can be stubborn; however, with the right person and training, they are great dogs!  Here are a few pictures and videos of my favorite, the French Bulldog!



And, of course, I had to share this cute video!  Hopefully I will have a man that does this for me one day haha!

What is your favorite breed of dog?


  1. OMG look at that chubby face and big ears, adorable! Not gonna lie, I'm more of a big dog person but those frenchies are precious.

  2. so cute!! I am OBSESSED with american bulldogs. every time I see one I just want to snuggle it haha ;)
    they are just too darn cute



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