My First Day

Our first full day in NYC was just fantastic!  We got up bright and early at 8 and headed out to NYU for our first college visit while in the city.  It was perfect and I think it is going to be my top choice school.  I just love the atmosphere and the diversity, plus there is so much opportunity here!

Another great thing about today was the subway.  My mom and I were determined to navigate the subway while on our visit, and we are finding that it is so easy and super efficient.  I definitely recommend using it if you are staying in town for a long time because it will save you a lot of money.  We charged a Metro card with $30 and split it between the two of us--we still haven't used all the money on it, so the subway is definitely worth it if you are up to it!

Lastly, we went to visit the Kate Spade storm on Madison Ave... four stories of wonder!  We just stopped in because we didn't have tons of time, as the store would close soon and we still needed to grab a bite to eat, but the best thing happened.  I met Caroline and Frannie who are both attending the conference this week!  It was so great to meet some bloggers I know and such a great coincidence.  I can't wait to spend more time with them at the conference!

Here are a few pictures from yesterday... I will be using my phone while here because the one I forgot was a camera cord!  Go figure I can remember all 12 lipsticks colors, but forget my camera cord haha!

I have no clue what I was doing with my foot in the last picture haha, but this library at PRATT was amazing!  The floor is all frosted glass and the library shelves are gilded, all of which was done by Tiffany & Co. years ago.

Are any of you coming to NYC for the summit?  Any suggestions of places I should check out?


  1. If you get a chance, you should definitely try to see the High Line park! I didn't get to see it last time I was there and am living vicariously through all of you lucky ladies at the Smart Girls Summit this week! Haha

    And if you want to find cheap broadway tickets, check out www.studentrush.org to find out all the deals at the theaters! We got Annie tickets for $30 each last summer!

    Have fun!

    Toodlebelle's Blog

  2. The Stardust Diner is always a favorite of mine. Aspiring Broadway actors and actresses sing while they serve your food... It's pretty awesome (but a little touristy)! It's at 1650 Broadway. A little past Times Square!


  3. It sounds like you are having such a wonderful time! Great photos!


  4. So exciting you got to run into fellow bloggers attending the conference. I bet Kate Spade was fantastic!

  5. Looks like an amazing time already!

    Pick Your Beau

  6. Fun photos Hunter! Fingers crossed you have the chance to be an NYU student! ;)

    Constance || Prep Northwest



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