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The 4th of July was a great start to my weekend and I can't wait for the rest!  Today I am getting a few things done before I leave to go to NYC tomorrow, which I am so excited for.  I absolutely love NYC, so getting to go again this summer is fantastic!  I can't wait to see all my blogging friends and to make some new acquaintances at the Smart Girls Summit.  Here are a few links that are making my weekend all the more exciting!

1.  I upgraded to an iPhone 5c and this is the fun case I got-- you can never go wrong with a little Kate Spade!

2. These great, women-empowering illustrations I found via Dear Kate's Facebook page.

3. Loving this light blue number for the summer.

4. If you haven't done so yet, you totally need to check out my first styling with Curate Boutique!

5. I found this fun buy at Kate Spade during the week.

6. Now that I switched over phones, I need to get another portable charger.  I really like this one from Anthropologie! 

7. I'm thinking of getting my hair cut short.  Maybe something like this.  What do you think?

What are you doing this weekend?  Are any of you going to the Smart Girls Summit?  


  1. Absolutely love the hair style. You are so fortunate to have red hair and this would make it even more distinctive. I meant to comment on your previous post with Curate, you looked especially stylish, simple but youthful. I am going to check out your Kate Spade and Anthropologie suggestions regarding the 5c. Have fun in NYC, keep your instagram rolling so we can follow along. Rebecca

  2. That topshop light blue dress is so pretty, perfect for summer! Also how do you like the 5C? I'm gonna have to upgrade my iPhone 4 soon because I'm out of memory but I've been dragging my feet since I have to buy all the new accessories to fit the charger.

  3. I'm considering getting the same iphone! And I love this blog!


  4. Hope you have a wonderful time in NYC!




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