Cornell's Miniatures

In my writing class the other day, we discussed an essay by Michael Chabon, "Wes Anderson's Worlds".  In his essay, he discusses the idea of emotional scale and whimsicality found within in Wes Anderson's films and also found in Joseph Cornell's miniatures.  Before reading this essay, I had never heard of Cornell, so I looked up his boxes and they are amazing.




After seeing these boxes, I thought, how could these boxes not be related to Wes Anderson and his films?  They are beautiful even though they are made out of broken pieces-- whimsical and wonderful.  Cornell's boxes make me wonder why he chose these clippings to include and why he didn't do something else for a certain box.

In a sense, they totally capture the imagination we strive to get back from our childhood and I love that.

Have you heard of Cornell's boxes?  What do you think about Wes Anderson?

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