Braving the Cold

I think all of us here in Ohio were super surprised by the early snow, which I have no complaints about whatsoever; however, with the cold hitting earlier this year, I have had to bundle up more and more each day just to make it from the school parking lot into school!  Since many of you are experiencing early winters this year, I thought I would share some great cold weather essentials!
A good pair of mittens, a scarf, a cute hat, and a coat are what I have been wearing on a daily basis.  I also recommend purchasing a good pair of boots if you live in a colder, snowy area.  I have had my Hunter boots for about three years and they are perfect for the snow!

What are your cold weather essentials? 



  1. I wear my Bean Boots almost every day. LOVE LOVE LOVE my boots.

  2. I recently picked up my future mother-in-law a tan scarf similar to this one, I'm planning to get it monogrammed for her & I think she's going to love it!

    xoxo, SS


  3. We got a cold front here this week and it was awful, I even had to scrape off my car this morning! I'm thinking about investing in the bean boots to prepare for the winter ahead.

  4. I live in Texas, where the winters aren't that cold, but over the years, they've been getting cooler and cooler. Hoping that a pair of red Hunters make their way under my tree this year :)

  5. My bean boots are definitely a must for the cold weather here - couldn't live without them!

    Pick Your Beau



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