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I feel like I have finally gotten back on track this week-- yay for a post each day!  It is so nice to have most everything figured out with school, college stuff done, and a little more inspiration for the blog.  I give a huge thanks to Seth for this, as he always helps me come up with ideas for the blog (plus he is a great photographer!).

Anyway, here are a few fun links to spend your weekend perusing!

1. Charlotte Olympia: I have had an obsession with these shoes for a while, but these cat heels have me smitten!  I told Seth he should get them for me, just because of course ;)

2. Couples Video: I know, I know... another couples video, but trust me, these are absolutely hilarious!

3. Let It Go: Since I am performing this song for a birthday party in December, I have been listening to it non-stop.  I honestly can't wait for this party because who doesn't love the chance to dress up as a princess?!

4. La Cle Jewelry: Recently I have been working with La Cle to bring a fun surprise to all of you!  You should really check out all their keys-- they are so fun!

5. Undeniable: You should go and check out Undeniable, we just added a few new articles and have more to come soon!

6. Holiday Cards: Are any of you a little card obsessed?  Here is a great site for customizable cards that I will be collaborating with soon.

7. A Thing Created: After following Erisha on Instagram, I have slowly become obsessed with her artwork-- I love her thank you cards and all of her prints are perfect for gift-giving! 

8. Breakfast at Tiffanys: Did you hear?  Audrey's iconic home is for sale... I told Seth we should put a loan down now, since it is sure to sell fast!

9. Nordstrom Sale: If you haven't checked the clearance sale out, I highly recommend you do.  Here are my picks!

What are your weekend plans?


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  1. Undeniable is really starting to come together. All the girls working on it are so talented, I really enjoy reading their posts.



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