La Cle Jewelry Giveaway

La Cle Jewelry is such a fantastic, fun, and playful brand.  For those of you who don't know what La Cle Jewelry is, it is a jewelry brand that sells key necklaces.  The cool part about these keys is that they are all different colors and each color means something different.  Once the color rubs off of the key, then you absorb all the good energies and traits your key color has.

I know that, logically, paint rubbing off a key doesn't mean that we really absorb those traits; however, I do think the power of positive thinking is fantastic, which is just what these keys do.  When you point your mind towards positive thoughts, you are ultimately happier, you feel better, and you are just in an all around good mood.  That is what I love about these keys-- they promote positivity.

I am super excited because... Deanna and I thought it would be fun if we did a little giveaway!  You can enter below to win your own key; and make sure you comment on this post saying which color best fits you :)


  1. Very cute giveaway Hunter! Love how you styled your necklace.

  2. The package just got here! I will be posting about it in a couple hours ;)



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