Rainy Day Linkup

Well, it isn't raining here, but it's snowing!  Luckily Seth and I took pictures right before the big storm hit.  I was so excited when Connie asked me to join her linkup because I absolutely love working with other bloggers!  Here is my Rainy Day look!

For the linkup, we were also given these questions to answer!

1. What's your favorite way to keep warm on a rainy day?  My favorite way to keep warm on a rainy day is to cuddle up by the fire, with Seth of course!

2. Are you a hood, umbrella, or both kind of girl?  I definitely love umbrellas!  I really want to get a clear one like this.

3. What is your best hair tip for a rainy day?  I have never really had issues with my hair on rainy days; however, I do recommend brushing your hair if it gets wet in the rain-- it tends to dry a lot smoother if I do that!

4. What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day? My favorite thing to do a rainy day is go to Starbucks or stay in and watch movies!

To join in on this fun link up you can either go to Connie or Michaela's blog!


  1. I was just in the city and it's so amazing right now!! I got one good day of rain, but mostly it was perfectly crips, fresh fall air. Amazing. Jealous to see you walking around in it!!

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  2. I love your trench! That shade of blue looks beautiful on you!


  3. Love that trench coat so much! You look great in blue.
    xo, Scarlett
    The Trendy Chick

  4. Such a fun link up! That is a beautiful color on you Hunter.

  5. Oh my goodness your hair looks flawless! Can't wait to post my Rainy Day Link Up

    Genevieve // Oh Genevieve



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