Guess Where I Am!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas!  Mine was fantastic-- I got everything I wanted and more, which was so nice of my parents and Santa of course.  I think my favorite gifts this year were my camera (yes my parents gave me our nice camera, so I could blog and I literally cried when I pulled it out of the bag), my new jacket from Anthro, a necklace from Seth's parents, and a watch from Seth, so I can tell the time at work.  These were all such amazing gifts, but I think the best thing was just spending the time with my family because it is my last Christmas before college!  Overall, it was a great holiday! 

On the night of Christmas, however, I left town on a surprise vacation with Seth's family!  The car ride was long and consisted of sleeping kids and a grumpy Seth, but we made it and guess where we are...

If you guessed Chicago, then you are correct!  Today Seth, his mom, and I are shopping all the after Christmas sales on the Magnificent Mile, and I am super excited :)

What are you doing today?  Did any of you go somewhere for Christmas?


  1. So jealous you're in Chicago, its my favorite place to visit! Have so much fun Hunter!

  2. I'm planning on visiting Chicago this upcoming August, I'm so excited! Have fun!

    Southwestern Prepster



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