Last Minute Gift Guide

Luckily, I have been really on top of getting Christmas gifts this year; however, there are many people, including my parents, who still have to shop.  At this point, online shipping cutoffs are coming up soon and custom monograms are almost definitely out of the question.

The mall, on the other hand, is still open and ready for business and is a great place to stop in and get some last minute shopping done.  My local mall, including where I work, is open later for the holidays so everyone can get there Christmas shopping done.  Here are a few last minute goodies I have spotted while at work! 

The Tracy Reese perfume in the green box is amazing!  It can be found in most Anthro stores and would make a great gift for any girl!  I also love the idea of getting nail polish for all of your friends-- it makes the perfect present :)

Are any of you last minute gift shopping?  What are you getting for all of your friends?


  1. I love getting new nail polish either as gifts from my best friends or in my stocking from my parents-it's a gift that I wouldn't necessarily buy for myself, but that I love to receive!

    xoxo, SS


  2. That mug and candle are so great!


  3. Awesome picks Hunter! That keychain would be a great stocking stuffer.



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