Staying Warm with Kushyfoot

Before I went on break, Lipton Publicity contacted me regarding Kushyfoot, a women's and men's sock company.  I don't wear tights/knee highs a whole lot, but I must say I love the knee highs I received.  Personally, my favorite pair is the fleece-lined, black knee highs.  We arrived in Minneapolis yesterday and now it is 25 below, so they are perfect for venturing out into the cold without freezing my toes off!

These really are the most comfy socks and they are a great length too, especially if you live somewhere where it gets really cold!  Currently, Kushyfoot doesn't have the knee highs online, but they have a tight version that would be great for your New Year's Eve dress!

Is it cold where you are?  How are you keeping warm?

1 comment:

  1. Those look like the perfect socks to wear with riding boots or around the house with a night gown on :)

    xoxo, SS




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