The Guy's Gift Guide

 Buying for your man, your dad, or your brother is always difficult.  Some men, including Seth (thank God!), are into fashion, which is definitely a plus, but others, well it just isn't their thing.  I also feel like there isn't a wide selection for guys out there, so I can never find something super special and tend to have a go-to every year, but that doesn't make it very much fun for you or the guy you are buying for; however, after searching around, I have come up with some of my favorite buys for your guy! 

tie/tie clips/watch/gloves/Barbour jacket/socks/belt/wallet/travel bag/card 1/card 2

These gifts cover a wide price range, so there is something for everyone out there.  I personally love the Barbour jacket, even though it is more expensive-- it is such a great gift for a dad, brother, or boyfriend!  

I also like the socks.  You would be surprised how much guys love them.  I bought Seth a pair of socks while on summer vacation and he wears them all the time!

Oh, and you can't forget to top your gift off with the perfect card.  I included two cards from Treat that I am particularly fond of-- I know Seth would love either of them.  The best part is that these cards can be personalized to say whatever you want and you can even include a picture!
What are you giving your guy?  Anything you would add?



  1. That travel kit is SUCH a good idea! I got my mister a duffle bag last Christmas... might have to get a travel kit to match it this year :)

  2. That quilted jacket is so stylish!

  3. Men always need the basics, so socks & wallet are not too far off for me to get for my lovebug. :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  4. I love the plaid socks! Great gift guide!


  5. CUTE ideas!!!




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