Signing Off for Break

As I mentioned on Monday, I will not be blogging over the holidays (except for maybe a few stop ins haha!), so I am signing off today to go on Christmas break.  I am so excited for break this year for many reasons.  First of all, this is my last Christmas before I go to college-- really weird right?-- so I can't wait to enjoy spending the day with my family.  

Secondly, I am actually going somewhere over break!  I feel like I hardly ever leave town, so I am super excited.  The vacation is a surprise, but I am so happy because I am going with Seth and his family, and we will be spending New Years together.  It is so great to be so close with my boyfriend and his family-- I cannot wait to spend the holidays with them!

As for all of you, I wish you a happy holidays and a wonderful, well-deserved break!



  1. Enjoy your well deserved break Hunter!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas break Hunter!




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