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I got so caught up in packing for NYC, I totally forgot to share these wonderful pictures!!  Before I left, I helped the kids get ready for their first week of school, which included taking my favorite girls shopping.  We went to the mall and picked out some great outfits, which I am so happy to share with you now :)

For Hannah, we went with a cute chambray top layered over a lace tee with some white shorts (first picture).  It was such a great outfit for the first day of school and was perfect for her sporty, yet girly personality.

Esther opted for more of a street style option.  We found an awesome New York City cat t-shirt-- of course me, the crazy cat lady, loved this shirt haha.  We added some pink shorts and jean jacket to polish of the look!

It was so much fun to style my girls for their first day.  You would not believe how much I miss them!!

How did you style your kids for school?

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