The College Experience So Far

 Me and my friends went out to Times Square at midnight-- seriously you should try it sometime if you are ever in NYC with friends!

College in word, WOW.  There are so many feelings going on inside me right now-- stress, love, anxiety, joy, sadness.  Seriously, I sound like Inside Out haha.  But, I do love college, a lot more than I thought I would actually.

It has been an interesting experience to say the least.  I think the thing I was most worried about was finding friends because back home I had such a limited pool of people to choose from.  I was also terrified I run against the same issue back home-- I didn't really get along well with everyone because I was just so different.  However, I am happy to report, I have so many friends and I love them dearly.
Lots of people say they meet their greatest friends in college and it is so true.  There are quite a few people I have met here whom I know will be great friends throughout my life.  They have already gotten me through so much and I am so grateful for them.

As far as the school aspect of college, I love acting.  The homework is fun and interesting and gets me thinking about things.  I'm not a fan of my one academic writing class though.  It's kind of a pain in the a** just because the material is seemingly pointless.  Luckily I only have one year of it, so I can push through!

Lastly, missing home.  I do miss home, a lot more than I would hope to actually.  I miss my parents, my friends, and, of course, Seth's family.  But, I am happy here and I know that I can make it through because they will always be there for me when I come back!

How is college for you so far?

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