September Anthro Edits

Gosh it feels good to sit down and write some Anthro edits. These edits are probably my favorite posts to write, as I love styling pieces and giving my readers some fashion inspiration for the month!  And, of course, Anthro has done it again and I am loving all of the great fall pieces they are coming out with.

Okay, so much to talk about here.  First of all I am loving red and maroon for the fall.  They are beautiful colors for any skin tone and, honestly, can be worn anytime of the year.  I especially love adding a little pop here or there to bring some color into an outfit-- look to the cloche hat to do just that!

Another great investment piece in general, a black dress.  This is one of the pieces I justified buying because, gasp, I have no black dresses.  They are such an essential to any wardrobe and I really like the style and fit of the black dress above.

Last, but most certainly not least, the cat mug and the bird tote.  My style is super vintage and eclectic, so anything with an animal on it, you have me sold!  The bird tote is also on sale right now with and extra 30% off and, though I have not caved, I really want it.  If any of you want to send it to me, please do haha ;) 

What are you loving from Anthro this fall? 

P.S. A quick update: the no-shopping is going great!!  Other than a few essentials, I have been so good about not buying, probably because I have been so busy!!). 

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