Facing College Fears

Now that college is approaching faster and faster, I am getting more and more excited!  Going off on my own and finding my way in life is something I have looked foreword to since I was little.  I will get to live on my own, think for myself, and really understand what it is like to be an adult; however, with all the excitement comes fear

I was watching the Today Show yesterday and they had a feature on graduates from college1 in 5 graduates now live at home, struggle with loans and debt, and are still trying to find a career.  I knew the economy was bad and going into college I would have some expenses, but the reality really hit when I heard that story on the news.  How will I keep myself from being 1 out of 5, and how will I make it through college without debt.  

The reality it is, there is no way of knowing.  So, instead of worrying and fearing what may happen, I am going to take things as they come: one step at a time, otherwise how will I enjoy the experience and soak up every minute of it!

How are you facing your college fears?


  1. Don't stress yourself about it. I've just finished university in the uk and am now finishing my masters degree. As long as you get voluntary experience and extracurricular activities in while you're at college it's cool, I've been offered a few jobs already. Also, don't be afraid to change your long term goal - it doesn mean you're wasting your time at university even if your goal changes. & be willing to accept a "for now" job when you finish to get by whilst a good one comes along. Good luck!

  2. I've just finished my degree and I remember having wobbles all of the way through about leaving with so much debt and stressing over finding post-grad employment - but I figured that what will be will be, and it all worked out in the end. Yes I'm starting my adult life with debt but I've managed to get the job of my dreams straight out of university. The way I look at it is this - that university gets you to where you want to be for the future so the cost of that is really just an investment in your future! Good luck facing your college fears!

    The Life & Times of Belle

  3. Taking things one step at a time is a good way to handle things :)

    AJ | www.TheAJMinute.com

  4. You're a hard worker Hunter so I have no doubt you will be successful! Keeping an eye on your funds is so important, especially if you have to take out loans. Also I suggest keeping a job in college, it allowed me to pay for graduate school out of pocket without having to take out any loans.

  5. Are you going to NYU? My best friend is starting in the fall! If you are, and even if you aren't, you will be totally fine! Finding a job isn't so much about how the market is looking (well kind of...), but it totally has to do with YOU! If you are hardworking, find the opportunities for yourself, and have a great personality, you will be totally fine, and any company would love to hire you! Be mindful of spending while you're in college, and don't be frivolous, especially if you have to pay for loans. Try to pay them back before you have to pay interest when you graduate! I am going to start a college series on my blog addressing common issues/fears/excitements of college life. If you would like, shoot me an email of what you'd like me to write about! Or if you have any questions, feel free to ask me! I'm going to be a sophomore, so I don't know everything, but I had my fair share of ups and downs freshman year. Hopefully I'd be able to help! :)

    xoxo Gabby
    preppypalms.blogspot.com (palmspreppy@gmail.com)

  6. Don't let the fears of post college life freak you out. If you do it'll just bring down your whole college experience!




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